There is a lot of speculation on the lives of the people who are in the security field. Most of the people do not understand or have knowledge about the difficulty the personal security personnel face. To start with, personal security is a service given to those people who require it. Just like the police are focusing on keeping the people safe, these security people are focused on protecting the VIPs, Celebrities, and other important people. For this, people are not selected randomly by considering their fit bodies. It also requires skills, qualifications, and other components through which the selection process is done. For this, many firms have started to provide the service of giving out their best people for protection. Yet, they might not possess the required skill. To ensure that a person is both skilled and interested, Pacific West Academy is aimed at providing the best training facilities to the people. This will equip the person and make them ready for any challenging situation. It was started in 2012 as a subsidiary to the ASC (Advanced Security Concepts, Inc.). Based on their experience and the changing needs, their whole process has been going under several alterations in these years to match the demands for the industry.

What is the training offered?

The Pacific West Academy is specially built to educate people of the fundamental and advanced concepts of personal security and protection. For this, a 104-hour course was created which carried all the basics and important information. First, they were into rigorous training of the students. But it was not enough for only the protection. There was a huge responsibility which was placed in front of the academy as it was important for them to place whoever attended the training program. The Executive Training program consists of two categories;

  • 12-day Comprehensive Security Training.
  • 33-day Certified Executive Security Specialist.

The instructors who are committed to training the people are having many years of experience in military and executive protection training. They have the knowledge about the course curriculum through which they are able to provide the best training than the rest.

Who can join?

Any person who has an interest in personal protection can join the academy and gain knowledge in it. It is affordable and also they are provided in an extremely professional way. The following are the takeaways from the training;

  • Observational threat assessment.
  • Firearms operation.
  • Hand-to-hand combat.
  • Taser training.
  • Situational awareness.

The courses are available all year as there will be a constant requirement for the security personnel. Any person who has an interest in this field can enroll their name in the academy. Once it is done, the concerned experts will contact and do the rest of the formalities.