Horse riding is an age old form of recreation, initially, horses were majorly associated with the royalty; they were employed both in wars as well as a form of entertainment. In the present times too, there are many people belonging to the higher section of the society who are very inclined towards horses. Kimberley Dey is one such business entrepreneur from Honolulu who has a great affinity towards horses.

Her love for horses is revealed in the way she personally cares for and grooms the horses she owns. Moreover, she organizes charitable tournaments where she and her horses all participate and both she and her horses have won themselves a lot of national and international awards and acclaim too.

Kimberly Dey’s  life is a very inspirational one and she is famous for the way she conducts her business. She has founded the company Number Eight also known as N8 and is the CEO of the same, her excellence in the corporate world, truly proves that business is not longer just the arena of the males. It is her skills in business as also her passion for horses that she is popular for.

She multitasks by managing her business alongside the various charitable tournaments she organizes for horses. She has a foundation by the name of Charles B Wang International Foundation, where she is the vice president that caters to several other organizations like the Special Olympics Hawaii, the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii, Le Jardin Academy, and even others. These local organizations in Hawaii are regular aided by Kimberley’s company.

Knowing the Inspirational Story of the Efficient and Charitable Kimberley Dey

There are many people who are equally passionate about horses and they make the effort to educate themselves with everything about horses. Horses have been one of the favorite types of domestic animals. They were initially used as modes of transport, but with time they have come to be associated more with the recreation activities of riding and racing.

The varied uses of horses have led to the increasing number of breeds of horses; Kimberley is so much in love with horses that she has developed her own business of breeding horses. Horses are primarily categorized into three groups – pony, light and heavy; and the sub categories are – drafted horses, grafted horses and warm bloods.

The pony is the smallest breed, among it the Shetland pony is the smallest one, larger than this is the Connemara Pony. The one that is most suitable for young adults and teenagers is the Welsh Pony. The light breed horse is often used as a guide for disabled and the most loved breed of this category is the Arabian horse. These horses are known for their beauty, sweet, loving and graceful nature.

The Thoroughbred is yet another category of the more popular horses, along with the Quarter Horse. Among the heavy horses Percheron is a popular breed which is known for its intelligence and friendly nature.

No matter what the type of horse may be, the love people have for horses is probably because they bear a few similarities with the human beings, that of being social and learning through practice and experience.