Generally you could see housekeepers or cleaners at your houses, hotels, hospitals, workspaces and where not. All these people are well known, trusted only when they are hired in a right way. Some people get these housekeepers from reputed companies like part time cleaning services singapore.  But some may get from known people. Whatever the source is hiring the best cleaner to your house is very much important.

Let’s see in detail what are the things to be concentrated in getting the right house keeper?

Apart of different housekeepers those are hired from companies those offer part time cleaning services singapore, hiring the trusted housekeeper or cleaner is much required.

  • Firstly, go with choosing the option of hiring the housekeeper from independent sources or from cleaning service companies. If it is possible, check with your known referrals to get the best one to your household works.
  • Moreover you can also enquire with your housekeeper to do the external tasks related to household works like cleaning doors, windows, upstairs cleaning sweeping and all. Check whether these external activities are going to be done by your hired housekeeper or not. Of course these activities are not regular and tell him/her that the payment is separate for these external tasks. So, that you will be flexible with your housekeeper now.
  • If you want to check the candidate you hired, then let the housekeeper work for certain period of time. It’s like a trial period. Just make an agreement. You will get a clear idea on the housekeeper easily. This will even let you know whether your expectations upon your housekeeper are fulfilled or not in terms of his/her work efficiency.
  • Finally let your housecleaner or housekeeper know about your rules and restrictions before going to take up the work that needed to be done at your house. If it is clear, then you have the right to question them when you find any unfair actions that they are doing about. For example, if you want your floor to be cleaned, utensils cleaning, washing the clothes only, tell them clearly about it how to use and how much amount to be used the detergents and all related ones. If you don’t want your showcase items to be cleaned and any kind of things to be cleaned, don’t let them to touch those at any cost. So, this kind of boundaries is required between you and your housekeeper. This will be helpful to avoid unnecessary discussions in future. Friendly nature is important to let them encourage to do the work properly but not let them to involve in your personal life. This is what the major issues are going on in many houses.


Besides hiring a good cleaning service company, you have to concentrate on hiring the trusted cleaner is equally needed for an individual.