Purpose of using these products

Many industries use the aluminum extrusion method for manufacturing purposes. Nice Rapid is an online firm that can help you with surface finishing by using these products. You can also use them for various other purposes like assembling, cutting, machining, etc. These products have many benefits which also include their low cost and versatility in working. These products are eco-friendly.

Therefore, they do not cause any harm to the environment also. It also has a brilliant strength-to-weight ratio. The non-corrosive properties of these items are also appreciable. You will also find a brilliant performance coating acceptance in them.

aluminum extrusion

Know the different surface finish types

Nice Rapid is a professional firm that can provide you different types of surface finishing with the aluminum extrusion method. Let us have a look at some of them.

  • The first one is the anodization finishing. It is an electrochemical finish wherein they will offer protection along with the natural oxide films. You can also color their parts according to your desire.
  • The next one is the mechanical finishes which will include polished, blasted, ground, sanded, and many more. These will improve the surface quality and you can also use them for various cosmetic requirements.
  • Powder coating is also a famous one wherein it provides films according to the criteria of the stringent performance. These are chemical finishes that have a thick coating. It will also bond along with the aluminum and will not peel or chip with great ease. There are no solvents present in them. Therefore, they are eco-friendly products and you can use them safely, without any complications.
  • Sublimation is also a brilliant surface finish wherein the people find the aluminum extrusion to look and behave like a block of wood. The base coating of powder is the first step in it. It will shift the patterns towards the extrusions according to the needs of the customer. Therefore, the customization in this finishing is easy and requires minimum effort.
  • The mirror surface is also a famous one wherein they dip the aluminum solution with nitric and phosphorous acid. You can also anodize its parts if you need them.

The Nice Rapid is an authentic firm that uses the best technicians and top-quality types of equipment for their work. Therefore, you do not have to worry about their work. They will always make sure that you get the best service at affordable costs.

Applicable in various fields.

You can use the aluminum extrusion method in various fields. It will include, electronic, energy industries, aerospace, automotive, and many others. Its finishing can also enhance the look of the surface. The corrosion resistance properties will also improve and you will find that it provides additional protection to the surface from anodization. They have solid, hollow, and semi-hollow parts in them. Nice Rapid will offer customized services to their clients. Therefore, you can trust their work and expect the best results. So go online and check out their site to know more about them and their services.