Everyone is excited as the Kia Niro 2020 got updates for its exterior as well as interior cabin. There are numerous changes in this vehicles’ 2020 version which will hit the market late in this year. However, before rushing to pre-book or book one, you need to know a few things about this car. It will help in understanding whether it fulfills all your requirements and is an ideal vehicle to buy when visiting in Tomball Kia dealership places.

Changes available

The changes included are applied in two portions of the car interior and exterior. These updates are available for this car’s Niro EV (all electric version), Plug-in-Hybrid, and Traditional Hybrid trims. The pricing of these models haven’t been officially out yet, but will be soon as they cars will be launched in the US market in late 2020.Have a look at these new features in detail!

  • Exterior Changes

This hybrid crossover comes with fresh styling for its exterior as well as interior surface. Moreover, new tech features are also made standard for every vehicle. Most recognizable transformation is the headlights that are reshaped completely. Also, there are changes in the bumper portion along with LED daytime arrow-shaped running lights is the new design.

Kia Niro Hybrid’s 2020 version comes with new skid silver faux plate and new LED tail lights. In addition, there are changes to wheel design as new 18 and 16-icnh wheels are also being placed. These transformations mean that the models will be in line with its EV variant.

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  • Interior transformations

The chief upgrade made in the interior is the dashboard and materials used for creating it. The finishing has a soft touch and is available in a black glossy trim. However, for people looking to get it in different colors can opt for either Plum or Red-Orange finish.

Though the infotainment touchscreen is 8- inches the standard option, but optional touchscreen of 10.3-icnh is also available for people looking to have a bigger display. This optional display is incorporated with new software for even better experience.

Other changes

There are various other changes made in this hybrid version of Kia Niro. These include massive rear brakes along with an electronic brake for parking. Also, they have added paddle shifters for ideal transmission to ensure every driver is comfortable driving this vehicle.

In addition, this car offers newly added safety features for driving without any worry. These safety features consist of capability of stop-go aspect for swift adaptive cruise control. Also, they have added assistance for lane keeping, to ensure increased safety for all of their customers. So, all you need now is to visit in Tomball Kia car centers or dealers to know about any other detail which you might need to know and get a booking immediately.

These are some of the major changes that can be seen in these hybrid versions of Kia Niro 2020. Now that you are aware of it, having a hybrid car in 2020 is a must for all to help the environment and more.

Thus, do your part and get one quickly!