Use Airsoft Pistols, Which are the Sign of Originality

While using airsoft, anything can happen in the process. Weapon can get jammed in most important time. One may need to run out with no time to fill up the rifles with BB’s. In worst situation, rifle may be completely burnt out. When one’s enemies reaches at place where person is hidden and main weapon does not work, then there is no means of protection. But in case when a person has strong rifle like airsoft pistol, there are better chances of protection.

Pistols are one the finest means of safety now days. No weapon is reliable and safer than pistol. One of the greatest support weapons for airsoft games is airsoft pistol. These are also used in Closed Quarter Battles. When we discuss the types of airsoft pistols, there are three types of this pistol- Gas pistol, spring pistol and electric pistol. Features of each kind of pistol are as follows-

  • Gas Airsoft Pistols- A gas pistol may be low ended or high ended, but is most perfect weapon for safety. With respect to power, accuracy and range, this pistol is further classified into two other types of pistols. It also has one negative feature that it does not work well during cold season. Temperature has power to contract the gas. When it contracts the gas, pressures also get decreased automatically. This pistol is also very expensive in price. It costs nearby $100 and above. One also need to load these guns with has. Price of canister is around $20. Few gas guns have gas blowbacks. It allows a person more realistic experience. One can feel like firing original gun. It gives feeling of firing a real gun.
  • Spring Airsoft Pistols- Spring airsoft pistols are one of the cheapest airsoft weapons in whole market. It is the best option of weapon for those who have very little budget for their weapon and are unable to buy gas airsoft or electric guns. Its price is too low, around $25. Springer of higher price costs around $50 and not more than that. The spring airsoft pistols can easily be used during cold season also unlike gas airsoft pistols and electric airsoft pistols. One of the greatest disadvantages of using spring airsoft pistols is that it has only limited range and power unlike other pistols.
  • Electric Airsoft Pistols- Electric pistols are powered by 4 AAA batteries. Most of the low prices electric pistols are quite cheap as spring airsoft pistols. Whereas high priced electric airsoft guns range only slightly higher than guns like Tokyo Marui Dezert eagle Electric Pistol that fire around semi semi-auto rounds. Its price is only $59. Price of such pistols has maximum range of $65. Though this kind of guns is still cheaper than gas airsoft guns, still it has biggest disadvantage that its power and range are limited. These guns shoot around 100 to 130 fps. These guns are very durable. These guns use to burn out after some months. Also these guns occasionally do not work during cold weather.