Wedding is the important ceremony of the people who are entered into the bond of marriage and there are many wedding culture that depends upon the people who are in the different countries. And the couple are often worn the special garments for their marriage also that marriage ceremony is sometimes followed by the reception. To enter the gate way of the marriage, the bride and groom have started their purchase.

Different type of marriage culture

There are different type of marriage culture and that is depends upon the people who are living in the different place and different country. These traditions are followed to the people who are committed to the religious ceremony and take a look at the different culture.

  • Indian Wedding celebration: In this culture there are pre wedding ceremonies in the part of the marriage. In that celebration the bride and the bride groom exchange their rings as well as their family exchange the sweets and gifts. And they decorate the bride’s palms, legs, arms in the mehendi ceremony
  • Islamic wedding culture: In Muslim wedding culture the traditional nikah or marriage ceremony is very simple. And the bride and the groom separated at the wedding and they can see each other if the family permit them. During that ceremony bride wears the ghagra and the groom wears the sherwani with turban.


  • Chinese wedding culture: In this tradition the brides are covered their face from their future husband until the ceremony. Once the man found his partner he wanted to marry, then the go- between present the gift to the girl’s parents. The present Chinese marriages are happened in the propitious days.
  • American wedding culture: Ceremonies in the America is the most flexible in the world and the most of the American ceremony aspects are adopted from the European culture. Wedding toast and groom removing the bride’s garter is the important thing of the marriage ceremony.
  • Malaysian wedding culture: In the Malaysian wedding ceremony the groom must send the child-bearing presents to his future bride. This culture incorporates with the Hindu tradition in that the bride and the bride groom feed the yellow rice each other by the hands painted with henna.

Types of wedding

The first thing and the important step in the wedding planning process are selecting which type of wedding you want. This is only suitable for the people who are not committed to the religious ceremony. For those kind of people there is the different option for where and how you will tie the knot to your better half. And that is given below.

  • Formal wedding
  • Informal wedding
  • Cruise wedding
  • Destination wedding
  • Military wedding
  • Group wedding
  • Double wedding.