Wagyu is appreciated all over the world for its exceptional eating quality when compared to other beef varieties. The marbled Wagyu, a form of beef with high amounts of fat, delicate texture, and a flavorful character, will melt in your mouth. You can rest confident that when you order the freshest Wagyu beef Singapore, you will not be obtaining inferior meat like those found in other markets. You may taste artisanal wagyu beef singapore at cheap pricing since we source our meats directly from farms in Australia. Our premium beef selection will put other cuts to shame in terms of marbling and flavor.

Why Mmmm is the most trusted brand?

In Singapore, Mmmm! is a well-known meat wholesaler and retailer. Since 2006, our professional staff has worked to provide all of our clients with Wagyu beef of the highest quality at accessible pricing. We make sure that the Wagyu steaks we sell and distribute have great marbling as well as the nutrients that this type of beef is known for. Wagyu beef has a number of health benefits, including:

  1. Rich in beneficial fats

Wagyu beef is distinguished by its abundant fat marbling, which renders it soft when cooked. A juicy and flavorful eating experience is virtually always guaranteed, never crunchy or gritty. The fatty Wagyu has also been shown to be advantageous due to its high concentration of Omega-3 and monounsaturated fatty acids.

wagyu beef singapore

  1. Protein-rich and calorie-free

This high-quality meat is filled with protein in addition to being world-renowned for its softness. It also provides about the same number of calories as a pork dish. This explains why traditional dishes like shabu-shabu and barbecue frequently feature this luscious meat.

How to Get the best quality of beef

If juicy, tender, and flavourful Wagyu Beef Singapore steak seems like something you’d like to savor, you’ve come to the correct place. Mmmmm! sells premium Wagyu beef online in Singapore. Mmmm! meets all demanding various food expectations because it is personally managed by our experienced butchers. We’ll deliver our Wagyu beef in 2 to 3 days if you order now.

Enjoy free delivery across Singapore on orders of SGD100 or more. During business hours, you can also self-collect at any of our retail locations. Check out the FAQ page for more details.


So, if you want high-quality meat, you should try the Mmmm beef and taste all of its flavors in one location.