One cannot dismiss the fact that money is essential to survive. But people can get into conflict about managing their money for various reasons. They may have made bad investments or be neck-deep in debts. Sometimes, they simply lack proper guidance on how to keep it from being wasted or corrupting them.

Fortunately, what the Bible says about money can be of immense help to those confused about managing the financial aspect of their lives. It lists scores of verses in numerous books that teach one the importance of suitable investments, charity, and savings, among other things.

This article lists the critical aspects of money management as per the Bible. They will help you take control of your finances and lead a more sustainable and happier life.

Provision and contentment

Personal financial management is essential, but people often worry about unpaid bills, house expenses, and other money-related aspects. The Bible expressly says to not worry about these things because God has already made the provisions for everyone.

Matthew chapter 6, verses 25 and 26 are a testament to this, where God compares his creation to the birds of the air. The verses talk about how the birds neither sow nor reap and are still provided for. It then explains that people are of much more value than these birds and that God takes responsibility for providing for them as well.

Once people learn to appreciate God’s goodness and provisions, they can attain a true sense of contentment. In 1 Timothy 6:6-8, the apostle Paul talks about the blessing of being content with the very least of things in life, such as clothing and food. He explains how man brought nothing into the world and cannot take anything out of it when his time is done.

what the Bible says about money

Greed vs. charity

Proverbs 28:25 talks about how greedy people can instigate dissension in their own homes and elsewhere. They do this because their only focus in life is to amass wealth at the expense of others. The Bible says that those who climb the ladder of success by stepping on the poor and needy have their heavenly rewards taken from them.

However, there is an immense blessing to those generous in giving to the less fortunate, as you can see in Proverbs 22:9. They are blessed because they have shared their food with the poor. The Bible also promises that if you trust in God, you will prosper in all things you do.

Hard work and rest

What the Bible says about money in Proverbs 10:4 is critically important. It talks about how being lazy can lead one to poverty, but diligent hard work can bring immense success. In fact, a series of verses in the following chapters speak along similar lines. They emphasize the importance of dedicated labor, which can help people gain lasting wealth.

While the Bible expressly details how to manage money and not be greedy, it also talks about how resting after hard work is critical. In Exodus 23:12, God commands all the people to work diligently for six days and rest on the seventh day. The scriptures stress that even animals must not be put to work on the day of rest. It is a day to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor and be grateful for God’s favor.