According to all statistics, most businesses are moving to the internet. At the same time, customers are also doing a lot of shopping on the internet. In other words, 2020 and the Covid 19 pandemic is changing the business and most of the industries. Learn more about this here.

It’s interesting how a virus that can’t even be seen with the naked eye has made such an effect on everything we know in such a short time.

Having this in mind, it’s clear that everyone who wants to become rich with less effort should start doing business online. In this article, with the help of Kevin David, the experienced affiliate marker, we’re going to tell you what you should do if you want to become successful and create a respectable business. Continue reading and learn all about this!

Start by finding a perfect seller

To become a top-notch seller, you must first be a consumer. Most of the Amazon stores are based on selling items that are not produced, nor exist on American soil. A ton of American items being sold online come from China.

People are buying them from Chinese manufacturers or sellers on similar sites like Amazon. They are shipping these products to the States for a reasonable price and then US sellers are profiting from reselling them on their own stores.

This is what you should also do. It is the most affordable and the easiest way to make money fast and return your investment easily.

Set up a great store

You can’t afford to create a store that looks like it has been done by amateurs. Check out what the internet says about this issue. Do some research and find out how to create the perfect title, what things should go in the bulletin section for describing the product, and other things.

This is a complex issue and needs a lot of research. Even though opening a simple store seems like it’s too easy, but underneath the simplicity, lie a lot of tasks and a ton of knowledge that you must learn at some of the many web pages offering this kind of education.

Make sure you have the proper budget.

According to Kevin David, most sellers will do just great at the beginning with a budget of around $15.000. This is a sum that you’ll need for creating the store, buying the products, and hold on for the first month when it will be the hardest to get through.

Once you start selling, your reputation will go up and you’ll have a much easier time doing the business. The best part of the whole FBA system that Amazon offers will give you the opportunity to do everything from home. You don’t need to take care of the shipment, storing the items, nor delivering to the clients.

Always strive for a good review

This is a business that relies on good reviews. Clients that are going to receive the goods from your FBA store will see something that you’ve never seen. The products are not going to be physically by your side, so you don’t know how every single item is being transported and received.

With it in mind, it’s better to accept someone’s complaint, accept the return, and make sure personally that they will receive another in perfect condition. It’s wiser to lose some money than get a bad review. Do everything in your power to make your clients satisfied. This is how you’re going to build a great reputation and make more money. See more about reviews here:


It’s not easy in the 21st century to earn money just like that. However, with Amazon’s options, it is now easier than ever to make an ROI in just 30 days of the opening of the store. Of course, this is optimal, and most cases will need to wait a while before they manage to do this, but it’s still a job that provides a lot of cash for relatively little work.

The best part – not needing to deal with the actual products. Everything is handled by someone else and your job is only to find clients and arrange the sale.