Construction projects have become complex, and this is a top reason for delays in the industry. Another reason for the delay is cost overruns, which are very common today. Though there is advanced technological advancement to schedule and coordinate tasks in the industry, project delays are common and generally accepted as normal in the industry,

Kanat Sultanbekov New York – Project delays can be tackled with knowledge and insight

Kanat Sultanbekov is a leading name in the construction sector in New York and is known for his extensive skills and knowledge of the industry. He has an outstanding track record with excellent credentials for heading teams and completing projects in time. He is known for maintaining the highest levels of safety when working with his team and successfully aligns operational processes, strategic planning, and risk assessments.

Upfront planning and its importance

According to Kanat Sultanbekov New York, planning is crucial for the project to be completed in time. The upfront phase for planning is the most important part of any construction project, and if this is done correctly, most downstream construction project delays can be averted. Extensive planning helps the project manager to fix goals, predict the hindrances, set timelines, and plan to bounce back into schedule in case there are delays.

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Nurture your project planning skills

Project planning is a skill, and managers and contractors should invest in these skills for successful construction work planning. Such informed and skilled professionals are able to allocate resources better and identify work dependencies with better clarity. Moreover, suppose you have well-developed project planning skills. In that case, you can realistically assess the project risks involved and offer your team foresight when handling supply chain problems and labor shortages- that generally cause the project to get delayed.

Planning upfront helps you to communicate well with the important parties to understand their respective roles and what is expected of them. It is prudent to have this plan in writing so that everyone is on the same page and project milestones are met in time.

Budget miscalculations must be avoided

As a project manager, you must ensure that budget miscalculations are avoided, and this can be attained by working on an extensive project estimate. If you go wrong with calculations, delays are inevitable on the site. You need to secure extra funds, negotiate again on the credit terms or find alternate resources or materials that suit the budget reality. All of the above factors cause project delays with time.

Budget miscalculations are detrimental to your project’s timeline and involve negotiations with your workers. According to Kanat Sultanbekov New York, if a project is behind schedule due to a delay, the costs of labor increase both for the client, workers, and the sub-contractors, who generally charge extra for their time. With all of these factors affecting the work, general contractors/managers cannot reach a final agreement promptly, leading to further delays in the project.