Traveling in Japan can be complete without visiting Nagoya Castle. Discover the beauty of the castle by checking out

History of Nagoya Castle

The castle is notable for the pair of golden fish-like Shachihoko on the rooftop of the castle tower. The castle is lessened to ashes on World War II air raids. The reconstruction of this 17th-century castle will serve as a picturesque reminder of the significance of Nagoya all over Japanese history and the main tourist destination in the city.

Things you don’t miss is the reconstruction of Hommaru Palace. It has relaxing hanami viewing spots, best during cherry blossom season. To have a photo taken with the full-scale replica of one of the golden Shachihoko statues.

How can you get there?

The Nagoya Castle is 25 minutes walking distance from the Nagoya Station, but it has the quickest route to take the subway to Shiyakusho Station. From Nagoya Station, you can take the Higashiyama Line and transfer to Sakae to the Meijo Line to Shiyakusho. Here are quick facts about Nagoya Castle:

  1. The origin of Nagoya Castle is tracked back to 1610
  2. Castle tower was built on 1959
  3. Golden Shachihoko statues are a famous symbol of the Nagoya Castle

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Monopolizing the city

The Nagoya Castle is the symbol of Nagoya and is certainly worth the visit, especially during cherry blossom season. Cherry blossom season starts in April. The cherry blossom festival is celebrated in the city. Locals gather to celebrate the spring beauty with the castle that serves as the beautiful backdrop. It is enchanting in the evening if the trees light up.

The Nagoya Castle hosts seasonal events. August is the summer festival, autumn celebrations will be in November. The New Year celebration is a popular local event as well.

Park Life in Nagoya

When adjoining the castle to the North is where Meijo Park is located. Once part of the castle grounds, today is the best and most beautiful day to visit the park, which boasts flower beds, a windmill, a fish pond, and is popular year-round with joggers, croquet players, and young couples. Weekends will see the park filled with families playing badminton and picnicking.

There is a bike rental shop where children are catered. The area is quite lively during the cherry blossom season when throngs of people come out to enjoy the wonderful spring evening. The Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium is located on the other side of the castle, and has an abundance of exciting events, including the Nagoya Sumo Basho competition.

There is more to discover in Japan. Aside from Nagoya Castle, there are more castles to visit. So, you have to discover all these and enjoy your travels. Book now!