Consuming cigarettes is not safe for people. There are few countries who have banned consumption of cigarettes. There are few places like religious places, hotels, airports, railway stations and petrol stations where cigarette smoking is restricted.Some people who are on medication are advised to stop consumption of liquor and cigarettes as they are known to spoil the health.Now people who are habituated to smoke regularly would find it difficult to stop smoking.They would not be able to control themselves from smoking.They feel uneasy and some people fall sick when they stop smoking.The rigor to have cigarette is very intense and people find it very hard to control themselves from quitting smoking.People would like to get rid of the habit however they may not be able to overcome the feel of not smoking. To begin with it is good that at least they realise that they should stop smoking. Hence the first step to be taken is the will power to quit smoking. They should have the will power to overcome the thought of smoking. There are many rehabilitation centres which help people to overcome the thought of smoking. For such people to over the addiction of smoking cigarette there is an alternative product. Mint pouches tobacco free nicotine would be the best work around. People can consume this product and can get relived of the addiction which they have towards cigarette. The best part is that the tobacco free nicotine pouches are economical and serves the purpose. People can simply start consuming this product without having any issues.The best part is that there is no restriction to have nicotine pouches.People when they simply place it in their mouth others would not even be aware that they are having the pouch in their mouth.One big challenge which people face while having cigarette is that others who are beside them would feel uncomfortable

Let’s see the details of the nicotine pouches:

  • Nicotine pouches are easy to use and safe to use.
  • They can be consumed only by people who are above 21 years.
  • They are not supposed to be swallowed.
  • These pouches can be consumed anywhere and at any time.
  • They don’t release smoke like cigarette.
  • It can be kept in normal temperature. There is no need to store it in refrigerator.
  • There is no tobacco in the nicotine pouches.
  • The saliva can be consumed when we have the nicotine pouches in our mouth.


Consuming cigarette is injurious to health. People who would like to stop smoking can use an alternative option of using Nicotine pouches which are easy and safe to use. There are no restrictions to use the product and it can be used anywhere and anyplace.