Have you ever thought of booking a summer getaway, but you are confused as to where you want to go? You wanted to relax, but at the same time, you wanted to stay away from a crowd of people because of social distance. Or perhaps you just wanted to learn a new sport for this summer and socialize a bit. Well, a vacation in Ireland matches your needs. A good and well-rounded vacay with your family or friends would do you better these days.

What Makes Ireland Different Among Others

Ireland is situated in the far west of Europe at the North Atlantic Ocean beside Great Britain. It is a place where you can enjoy the scenic views of the ocean to its coastline as well as the countryside which are all instagrammable. Ireland is coined as the ‘Emerald Isle’ because its hills and valleys manifest at least 40 shades of resplendent greeneries. Aside from that, it is a home to 30,000 regal castles which are products of its rich and strong historical background that aids in preserving its culture. The road trips, too, will not fail to tantalize your eyes because everywhere you go their natural landscapes are truly breathtaking. So, you will never run out of ideas for your next IG post.

Ireland golf trips

Ireland is not limited to offering you its exquisite flora and fauna, but it could also entertain you in its lively cities where you can enjoy chatting with the locals with a bottle of whiskey and guinness during the night and a healthy set of brekkies in the morning after a hangover. Sounds soothing, right? It is best to visit Ireland during summer so that you can enjoy the outdoors under the heat of the sun with an average temperature of  15°C (60°F) while the Northwind cools your skin.

Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is one of Ireland’s popular outdoor sports which comes with the following health benefits.

  • It enhances your focus and body coordination as you concentrate on aiming for a goal.
  • Exposure to light to moderate sunlight enhances the body’s vitamin D production necessary in maintaining bone health.
  • It encourages sportsmanship while enhancing your social skills.
  • It relieves stress and improves the health state of your mind and heart.
  • It can burn calories just by walking on an 18-hole course under the heat of the sun.
  • Injuries are less likely to happen since it is a semi-stationary kind of sport.

Budget-wise Golf Vacation Packages

Golf vacation packages allow you to enjoy luxuries with amenities that are worth the budget, especially Ireland golf trips, which come in a bundle of fun where the idea of fun is not limited to the sport but it goes beyond it.