Whether it’s a commercial or residential, property needs to be maintained properly not just in Melbourne but anywhere in the world. When it comes to driveways, proper maintenance is essential as they contribute to a property’s escalating value. Many people in Melbourne consider concrete as the solitary option for building or updating their driveways. However, asphalt driveways could be a much better option. Here are the reasons that make it score over concrete. 

1.            Quick installation

Once a concrete driveway has been installed, it needs to cure for a week before one can drive on it. In contrast, an asphalt driveway is ready to drive upon almost as soon as it has been installed. Additionally, it will take experienced asphalting contractors just a day or two to prepare the site and to get an asphalt driveway laid. Thus, compared to laying concrete or pavers, it’s much faster to install Asphalt Driveways Melbourne.

2.            Adaptive and flexible in nature

Due to its adaptive and fluid nature, it’s easier to lay asphalt and form the right design for one’s driveway. Unlike concrete’s rigidity, asphalt is flexible too as it comes with a little room to move, which lets it adapt to the pressure put on it. Asphalt also has a specific percentage of air voids that facilitate its compaction under traffic. This means when heavy vehicles pass over the driveways or when it’s subject to high heat, an asphalt driveway would be less prone to crack.

3.            Easier to repair

Concrete is extremely rigid and hard to remove. Thus, when you want to update your concrete driveway, you would have trouble while removing the concrete. This would also be time-consuming, difficult, and expensive. In contrast, asphalt driveways are much easier to repair and much less noticeable afterward. They don’t even need frequent repairs or updates, unlike other concrete driveways, as they are more flexible and adaptive. 

4.            Cost-effective and last longer

When laid by expert Asphalting Contractors, asphalt driveways can offer performance comparable to their concrete counterparts. And they can be up to 40% cheaper in most cases. Additionally, they can last for 30-35 years. While concrete driveways too can last as long or sometimes even longer, they would frequently need expensive repairs or may have to be resurfaced long before the same is required for an asphalt driveway.

5.            Conceal cracks and leaks

For property owners in Melbourne, cracks and oil leaks on the driveway are a nightmare, especially if it’s made of concrete. That’s because concrete’s colour makes such leaks and cracks clearly visible. But as asphalt is an oil-based material, oil leaks are not that visible as concrete. Its adaptive nature also keeps it away from cracks for long. You could even ask asphalting contractors to apply a seal coating to the asphalt driveway to protect it against the elements as well as oil leaks while increasing its longevity.

Asphalt driveways in Melbourne offer both short- and long-term benefits, thus making it worthwhile to invest in them. Be it their speedy installation process, durability, cost-effectiveness, cheaper repairs, and a lot less mess during installation (in terms of the noise, disruption, etc.) they are indeed worth considering. However, you need to choose a reputed and experienced asphalting contractor for the job to ensure your driveway is laid the right way.