The loving daughter of distinguished physicians, Emily Muhleman embarked on her web based journalism in the corner of their home’s kitchen, being equipped with her most steady MACBOOK system. Regardless of pursuing a career of graphics designer, her passion was dedicating her in writing sports news. As of today, she is one of the most sought-after sports journalists not only to youngsters but to elderly people in entire Maryland and in its neighboring states. According to many well seasoned sports journalists that the brilliance of her writing style, great grip in language, use of syntax and above all, attention to details are among the few special attributes that offered her quick success in journalism.

According the budding sports writer Emily Muhleman that the key idea made her inspired to write on sports topics was encouraging the future athletes by reporting on them and exposing them to the real sports lovers. Secondly, in her career aim, she was highly inspired by her loving parents. She is now pursuing her degree in BA from Washington State University with major in Communication. Prior to entering in sports journalism and becoming full-fledged, she commenced writing with elementary topics as a feature creator in school magazines, poems as well as short stories that honed her skill in writing to a great extent.

She strongly believes that similar to representing general news, business articles or other journalistic news topics; sports journalism is more or less the same, however, when it comes to the flexibility factor in selection of vocabularies, journalists involved in the former fields are rather restricted in using syntax like adjectives or adverbs. However for sports writers or travel writers, they enjoy a wide space to make use of great words to make their descriptions livelier, multihued and exciting to sports enthusiasts.

In the similar way, when it comes to creativity, audience expect more from sports writers over those who are focused on writing business articles, crime topics or political matters. The reason is very simple. Apart from knowing realistic facts of the game, readers prefer sports writers whose mode of portrayal is quite sensitive and appealing. Nevertheless, for business topics or crime subjects, people are interested to know the facts rather than creative thoughts. Secondly, sports article readers typically get through the topics and enjoy them from different viewpoints. This includes rock-solid competition, great debates keeping the originality of the atmosphere intact.

As this needs sports writers to remain updated with varied illustrious information of legendary sportsmen, playoff records and latest news about world of sports especially in their specializing areas, they must listen to commentators, speak to spectators as well as players that help make their writing lively and authentic. The highly energetic, go-getter sports writer Emily Muhleman is also activated to compose biographies of world-famous celebrated sports personalities while she is intended to create a wonderful series of children’s story books in association of her artist boyfriend. Her favorite list of players includes Sean Taylor, Jon Wall, Ben Olsen, Sammy Baugh and Hope Solo the famous female football goalkeeper. She spends her leisure time listening to her favorite music and songs, reading books, playing Frisbee and hanging-out with friends.