To help to stop spread of the deadly virus, CDC suggests everybody to wear the face masks when they are in the public place. It is very important in the settings where the social distancing will be difficult, such as pharmacies, grocery stores, or subways and buses (that are being used on the daily basis by the essential workers).  There are many different kinds of masks are available in the market like Lizard face masks that will essentially block the droplet transmission. Suppose you aerosolized virus it may seep through lots of masks, however when people cough, aerosol released is the small volume and droplet is the large volume. Thus, if you ever block droplets, you might substantially reduce the exposure. 

Is it really effective?

Although nonmedical masks are highly effective when it is worn by the infected person, and studies show that between 25 and 50 percent of the infectious people are pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic. Thus, if we have got widespread, and near mask use, those people will be limiting the spread to other people. However, the face masks aren’t the silver bullet, and work when it is combined with public-health measures, which includes washing the hands, staying at home if possible, and to be at least six feet away from people when you need to go outside. Let us know where to buy face masks online?

Lizard face masks

What type of face masks do best job?

As there is the shortage, and they are among ones high at risk, the health-care workers such as doctors or nurses must be the groups of the people wearing the N95 masks. This leaves fabric masks & hobby masks, used for painting and to block out the dust, to rest.  You need to get thick and tightly woven fabric like the types used for quilting and batik. They’re better in filtering the small particles very close to size of virus. The general guidance is doing the quick light test. Suppose you will see the light passing through this material, if you hold this up to the bright light or sun, it is less possible to be the good filter.

Your mask must be comfortable & fit tightly on your face, however, it obviously must not be very tight and so thick to impede breathing. In order, to help you to find the best face mask, we have tested some on basis of the fit, style, breathability, and if they pass the light test.  No matter whether you are waiting in the line, walking the dog around your block, and heading to work, and these are some masks worth wearing. Make sure you buy the best fabric face masks from the internet.