With the cost of new cars rising, many people are choosing to buy used cars. Some dealers offer a limited warranty on used vehicles; others do not. And some cars come with the original factory warranty still valid. The potential buyer needs to know what kind of car warranty is available for the car they are about to buy.

Of course, a warranty doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have problems.

You should research the history of the used car you are considering buying. A report is always a good idea for a used car. You should also specifically request any information from the dealer on whether the car has ever been returned under the lemon law or as a result of an accident. If you have a trusted mechanic, take the car to your mechanic or your mechanic to the car for an inspection before you sign any paperwork. Pop over here to learn more.

You can also check with the dealer to see if there are any manufacturer warranties on the vehicle and if the dealer offers any warranties on the vehicle. Check the original manufacturer’s warranties with the manufacturer instead of taking the word of a used car dealer. Get a detailed written description of coverage. Ensure nothing in the contract contains the words “as is”; otherwise, all warranties, including most warranties made to you under state law, are void.

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When the vehicle is not guaranteed by the remaining warranty, and the dealer does not automatically issue warranties, you may still have some used vehicle warranty options. Some dealers may sell additional warranties at a separate price. These are typically longer than other used car warranties, with more repairs and replacements.

Sometimes your auto dealer may also have an agreement with a third-party warranty provider to provide an extended warranty for your purchase, with a warranty service paid for or performed in full by that third party. These warranties are usually more expensive and offer more extensive coverage. It’s usually not a great deal, but if you need good cash flow and a car available to drive, third-party used car warranties are often a must.

Some companies offer warranties on used cars in reno, even those purchased from other car owners. These warranties will usually be quite expensive, so be careful that they provide you with all the services when a car breaks down. If the dealer does not offer good warranties or resell third-party warranties, you may need to seek third-party warranty service yourself. Look for auto trade-in clauses that allow you to trade in a used car for cash if it needs to be fixed too many times after purchase. It is a rarity in used car warranties, but they are an excellent little insurance policy on your warranty since many states apply lemon laws more strictly to new cars than used cars.


Some companies sell used car warranties at reasonable prices. It will not only protect your investment if there is no original warranty left on the car or if the dealer only offers a 30-day warranty, but it will also protect your wallet. Prices for these extended warranties can vary.