Are you thinking of getting a Six Sigma Certification?

If you work in the business world, you can gain a lot by getting a Six Sigma belt.

You get to gain new skills to help you become a leader in the workplace. You also get the opportunity to advance your career.

There are four types of Six Sigma belts and a master-level belt. If you seek to get one, you have to know the important differences between them.

Read this article to learn more about each of the Six Sigma belts.

Six Sigma Definition

A Lean Six Sigma belt is a certification that covers the principles of Six Sigma. The skills you learn will help you improve processes and performance. You’ll be able to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

Six Sigma White Belt

The first level of the Six Sigma certification is the white belt. This level focuses on the fundamentals of the Six Sigma approach.

You’ll learn about the DMIAC process and its tools. This is relevant to the improvement process.

White belts will understand the roles that team members have. White belts will also know what each member must do to improve efficiency within the company.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt

This level builds upon the basics of the first level. Yellow belts know how to apply the Lean Six Sigma principles in their workplace.

They can work to improve processes, as well as create process maps. These actions outline the steps that must be taken in a process.

Six Sigma Green Belt

Are you responsible for creating, identifying, or improving processes? If this is your duty, you’re a good candidate for the Six Sigma Green Belt.

Green Belts’ projects focus on quality improvement. They learn how to prevent errors and limit the amount of waste. They also learn how to collect and analyze data.

Six Sigma Black Belt

The Six Sigma Black Belt certification is for leaders. These individuals can lead or train teams with members who have lower belts.

Black belts have adequate knowledge of statistical analysis and process improvement. They also have strong leadership and people skills. These skills enable them to mentor team members.

Six Sigma Master Black Belt

The highest level of Lean Six Sigma is the master black belt. Master black belts can mentor all other belts.

Black belts are like internal consultants. They can solve problems, as well as assist with issues related to technology.

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Get One of the Six Sigma Belts

If you’re a professional, you should get a Six Sigma belt. There are different Six Sigma belts. After reading this article, you’ll be able to determine which one is the right one for you.

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