When most people have to travel, the first thing they think about when it comes to finding a place to stay is a hotel, not a service department, and this is mainly because they don’t even know that this is a service department. A hotel is more or less what you think: it is an institution where you pay to rent a room for a certain number of days. The service department, in theory, works in a very similar way, but this time you get the whole department at a much lower price than the one you would pay for a hotel room.

Office apartment benefits

So what do you get by staying in the service apartment mongkok? There are many advantages and disadvantages, and here is a brief but detailed overview of the benefits that you get from staying in this type of housing.

Cheap accommodation. The first thing you will notice is that living in an office apartment is much less expensive than for a regular hotel room. Most hotels must undergo rigorous certification and business operations to maintain a high standard in the business world. Still, the service department is a house designed and provided to guests to stay, giving them a home away from the home house, not just an elegant bedroom.

Space: this is definitely where the apartment is superior to a hotel room. Here, you get an entire apartment, which means that you get a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and everything else that you expect in an ordinary house. You can freely visit any corner of the apartment because you paid for it. Why enter a small hotel room if you can get the whole apartment cheaper? This makes it an indispensable choice if you are traveling with your family.

kennedy town serviced apartment

Security: believe it or not, many hotels have very poor security measures. One security guard and several cameras will not be enough to cover an ample hotel space with hundreds of guests. Still, several security guards and several cameras can satisfy the security requirements for one apartment with one family, renting a week. Simple zooming is monumental to determining the security of the area.

Great amenities: since homeowners generally don’t need to spend too much on maintaining several hundred rooms, they can invest their money in developing excellent apartments and services. Most of the serviced apartments hong kong have indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, a small gym and massage center, as well as ample parking space. You can do almost anything. You will not feel like an expensive hotel. You will feel that you are in your own home, even if you are far away.

At the end

These establishments appear in Hong Kong for quite some time, making their mark in Hong kong. With a lower price than in a hotel room, but with more space and amenities, who would not look into the apartment?