Some people make sacrifices for the sake of fashion and skip wearing socks. Do you really need to wear socks? Socks do more than prevent your feet from rubbing against the shoes. They help control the temperature and moisture around your feet. Proper fitting socks and shoes are the first defense against blisters. Even thin cool socks for men can reduce the friction on your skin. Due to modern advancements, socks get more cushioning in high impact areas by adding extra padding. Socks are more important than most people think they are.

Keep feet warm

Socks provide warmth during cold days. These are especially helpful during winter to prevent your feet from getting frostbites. Too much cold can affect blood circulation and cause more health issues. Wearing proper socks can help avoid problems that can arise from the simple cold weather. Thermal socks with tiny air pockets for warmth and insulation by trapping heat are now available in the market.

Protect feet from germs and blisters

The antibacterial properties of some socks prevent bacteria from accumulating. Socks keep your feet dry while absorbing sweat to give bacteria no place to dwell on. When your feet sweat too much due to not having enough air and moisture control, bacteria start to thrive. You will end up with bad foot odor if you do not do something about it. When your feet rub against the shoes, the skin breaks out and blisters start to form. These blisters are burdensome and painful. Prevention is always better than cure so it is better to wear proper socks than be sorry.

cool socks for men

Protect shoes from germs and stains

Socks serve as a barrier between your feet and the shoes. Germs will end up on your socks than on your shoes. Socks are much easier to wash than shoes. People suffering from neuropathy often wear white socks to help detect open sores on their feet and ankles. It also helps prevent the shoes from getting those nasty stains. Cleaning stains inside the shoes is not something you would want to do on a regular basis.

Reduce stress on feet

Socks provide cushioning to pad the feet. Some specialty socks have more cushioning at ball, heel, and toe areas. These absorb shock and protect feet against quick movements. Most sports socks are durable and offer better support for the muscles of the feet. They help relieve any fatigue or strain caused by sudden or high movements and heavy actions. There are also types of socks that help prevent foot and ankle swelling.

Manage moisture

Socks control foot perspiration. The skin becomes water-logged when exposed to excess moisture. You experience this when you spend a long time bathing or swimming. The same thing happens when you let your feet sit in sweaty shoes. There are several types of socks materials that help manage moisture while still being breathable.