The swimsafer is a national water safety program designed in Singapore to make swimming and other water sports a safe activity in the country by introducing the sports systematically to the kids at an early age. They have stage based tests, which are a great evaluation tool for the kids’ skills. Completing the test is mandatory in many schools in Singapore, and the kids are encouraged to complete the stages by giving benefits for stage wise completion. This is a promising program wherein your child can turn from a non-swimmer to a full-fledged one.

The following are the stages of the program. 

Stage 1

In this stage, the learners are introduced to basic water skills, including safe entry and exit, movements, etc. This stage lays the foundation for further swimming lessons. After the competition of the first stage, learners can successfully perform basic swimming.


In this stage, learners are taught to maintain the ideal distance of arms, which help provide adequate buoyancy, enter the water bodies on their own, basic dive keeping the feet first, and the other safety techniques. After completion of this stage, learners can go swimming unassisted for 25 meters at a stretch.

Learn Swimming


In this stage, learners are made to focus on developing their survival skills. The learners get to learn the implementation of flotation devices and various rescue skills. After completion of this stage, learners can go swimming unassisted for 50 meters at a stretch.

Stage 4-Bronze

This stage is an improved version of stage 3, wherein learners continue to enhance their survival skills and rescue skills. In addition to it, different types of strokes are introduced to the learners. Underwater breathing with depth as low as 100 meters, which is an important technique in various rescue activities, is also introduced and practiced.

Stage 5- Silver

In this stage, more advanced survival skills and rescue skills are taught. The basics of dive are introduced to the learners. The criteria to clear the stage 5 and pass on to the next stage display exemplary stroke skills by the learner. 

The final stage of swimsafer

This is the last stage of the whole program wherein the learners get to learn more rescue skills and will be focused on taking immediate rescue actions in case of a mishap. The learners are expected to perform better stroke skills with ease and power for over 400 meters.

The new techniques that will be taught are standing dive and personal survival skills.

Thus swimsafer is an ideal program for kids below the age of 16 to learn swimming. In this program, the learners are tested with both theoretical and practical assessment at every stage. With the completion of the program, your child will be provided with a certificate of completion.