Fondant is a popular choice for decorating cakes, but it can be difficult to work with and not everyone enjoys its taste. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives that are simple, delicious, and will make your unicorn cake look amazing. In this article, we’ll cover eight steps on how to make a magical unicorn cake without fondant. You’ll learn what materials you’ll need, the best recipes, and how to decorate your cake. So let’s get started!

  1. Gather the Supplies:

The first step in making a beautiful unicorn cake hong kong without fondant is to gather the necessary supplies. You’ll need a cake pan, an oven, cake mix, butter, eggs, food coloring, buttercream icing, sprinkles, and any additional decorations you’d like to use. Once you have all the supplies, you can get started on your cake!

  1. Cake preparation:

After preparing the cake, it is time to decorate it. To make the cake, add the butter, eggs, and food coloring to the cake mix according to the directions. Place the batter in the cake pan and bake it once everything has been combined. Be sure to monitor it closely and take the cake out when it is done.

unicorn cake hong kong

  1. Buttercream icing is made as follows:

We are now preparing to proceed to make the buttercream icing. You will need to mix the butter and powdered sugar together until they form a thin paste, and then you will be ready to proceed. It is also possible to add food coloring to the icing, depending on what color you would like your icing to be. Let the cake cool down for at least an hour after the icing has been prepared, then spread it over the cake.

  1. Decorate the cake as follows:

As you can see, the unicorn cake in Hong Kong is ready for decoration, so it is time to turn the unicorn cake into a magical unicorn! In order to decorate the cake, begin by placing sprinkles around the edges and then adding any other decorations you would like to include. It is also possible to make a horn and attach it to the top of a cake. This can be done by using sugar paste or a paper cone which you can make from sugar paste.

  1. Create a mane and tail:

Using a thin piece of fondant, roll out strands of icing and cut them into strips to create the mane and tail. Shape the strips into a mane and tail and attach them to the cake. If you want to add a little extra pizzazz to your horn, you can also make a bow to attach to it as well.

  1. Add the Final Touches:

Once the mane and tail are in place, it’s time to add the final touches. These can range from edible glitter and sprinkles to candy stars and flowers. You can also use a piping bag to add details such as eyes and a smile to your unicorn cake.

  1. Let it set:

Once you’re finished decorating, you’ll need to let the cake set for at least an hour before serving. This will give the icing and decorations time to harden so that your cake looks perfect.

  1. Enjoy the Cake:

It’s time to enjoy your unicorn cake! Slice it up and let everyone enjoy a delicious piece of the magical creature.


Making a unicorn cake without fondant is easier than you might think. All you need is the right supplies, recipes, and decorations and you’ll have a delicious cake that looks like a magical creature.