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Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit 


Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit is a first-class product and is recommended for its nature for providing accurate results. Synthetic urine is used in the drug test and is useful to let everyone pass the test devoid of tampering with the real urine sample. This product is available with easy-to-follow instructions and available with a discreet and water-resistant container. Every user of this product is happy about the safe transportation of this product wherever they go. They adhere to the directions to proceed every time they use this product. All-natural and organic ingredients of this product are undetectable by any device designed for the drug test. This product closely resembles the chemical composition of human pee. The composition of this product includes, but is not limited to creatine and real uric acid. 




Urinator is advanced, compact, and reusable synthetic urine for drug test and is recommended by regular users. Everyone with an interest in easily passing the drug test can buy and use this product. A digitally-controlled and self-regulated heating element of this kit lets users regulate the synthetic urine’s temperature to match the human pee. This package includes one free sample of powdered synthetic urine brands each, a filling bottle, and 2 temperature test kits. Once you have bought this product, you have to mix it with water and heat it to a suitable temperature before using it for any drug test. This product comes with a guarantee of accuracy and makes every user satisfied. Regular updates of unbiased reviews of this product and testimonials from users of this product give enough assistance to everyone to decide on and buy it.