A Hong Kong-based independent law company that provides legal services to financial institutions, corporate customers, and private businesses, LC Lawyers LLP, is a leading and number one provider of legal services in Hong Kong. The law company provides excellent legal services to financial institutions, private companies, along with the corporate customers in Hong Kong in various sectors, including mergers & acquisitions M&As of listed and private firms, takeovers, privatizations, and many more.You must have legal counsel like infrastructure development lawyers hong kong who will be assisting you in effectively completing complicated infrastructure and project finance transactions, whether you are a sponsor, lender, or public sector organization. Many projects which are particularly prominent in Hong Kong offer a plethora of potential possibilities to companies from all over the globe.

Legal counsel for infrastructure

Having recently completed construction and infrastructure projects from many countries, the team is ideally positioned to assist you with whatever your requirements may be.No matter if you are involved in public works programs or private sector financing in the areas of transportation and public health, education, waste, energy, defense, information technology and telecommunications, leisure, custodial and justice, ports, rail, roads, or water, the lawyers can provide you with the legal guidance you require.

Hong Kong’s leading corporate law Eureka County NV company, providing a complete range of services, including initial public offering. The listing attorneys are well-positioned to assist your private business in going public on the stock market with the least amount of trouble and in full compliance with all applicable laws and rules.

The team at LC have a lot of expertise in all aspects of business finance in Hong Kong, including initial public offers (IPO’s), dual listing, secondary offerings, and debt offering, along with extensive expertise in all aspects of initial public offerings and capital raising operations, including venture capital.

On the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the corporate finance attorneys provide advice on the listing of businesses on both the Main Board and the GEM and complete services to a wide range of stakeholders. These stakeholders include listing applicants as well as sponsors and underwriters. The IPO process is particularly complex, and the Hong Kong attorneys have assisted multinational businesses, state-owned enterprises, and private firms involved in a wide range of sectors, as well as investment banks and other financial institutions.


In addition to advising on the feasibility of a public offering (IPO), they also can assist with pre-IPO investments, pre-IPO strategic corporate reorganizations, the establishment of a family trust, the design of share incentive schemes (including share purchase plans), legal, due diligence, the preparation of listing documents, and communication with the Exchange to resolve any concerns that they may have.