When you visit any farmer’s market, you will find products that read certified organic, mostly in bold letters. Though organic farm products are more expensive than their counterparts that are non-organic in nature, they have become trendy not only in the USA but across the world as well.

According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), as of 2012, organic farming comprises about 3% of the entire sales in the nation’s food industry. Even in European countries like Germany, Austria, Germany, and Finland, their governments have been occupied with incorporating policies and plans that target to dedicate about 20% of the region’s land to organic farming.

Hillandale Farms on the importance of organic farming 

Hillandale Farms is a credible family-owned company located in Spring Grove in, Pennsylvania, USA, specializing in food production that provides egg shells and other farm products. The professional team of experts on these Farms has the primary objective of investing in individuals to offer organic and sustainable farm products to their customers. They also focus on outstanding levels of customer support and service in the region.

These farms raise over 20 million chickens for eggs and are, in the region, one of the critical egg producers. The team of dedicated professionals here manages everything related to the raising and nurturing of chickens, with the exception of hatching them.

Embracing sustainability on their farms

Hillandale Farms on the importance of organic farming 

In 2011, the farms invested about $3.5 million in a facility for water treatment to manage the water used for washing eggs in a responsible and intelligent manner. With the help of a nitrification and denitrification process, the water from the egg wash is filtered, purified, and goes back to the land in a manner that is environmentally sustainable.

The shift toward organic farming

There has been a gradual shift towards organic farming primarily because consumers are now aware of their health and the benefits of leading a fitter life with exercise and diet. Moreover, thanks to the Internet, consumer awareness about the ill effects of consuming pesticides and insecticides in food products has increased. In 1990 the USDA standardized the term “organic”, and it meant that in the process of farming, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides were not used for growing the plants.

The world is now embracing the advantages of organic farming 

Organic farming is regarded to be a sustainable alternative for food production not only in the USA but also across the world. The availability of the broader variant of plants and the absence of pesticides improves biodiversity and gives birth to a better quality of soil, reducing pollution that is caused by run-offs from pesticides and fertilizers.

The experts at Hillandale Farms state that conventional farming has been extensively criticized for causing the loss of biodiversity, erosion of the soil, and increasing water pollution. This is due to the rapid use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Moreover, people are now concerned about their health, and this is why the demand for organic products has risen in the markets over the last few years. Farms now realize its importance to not only meet their customer’s needs but to save the planet as well.