Being cramped in an office job requires you to sit most of the time during your 8-hour shift. Sitting is linked to numerous health concerns like raising your blood pressure, high blood sugar, and many more. That’s why alternating from sitting and standing is vital to keep the blood flow running. And the perfect product that could give you both is MOVI’s sit stand desk, which is powered by electricity. Unlike those manual sit-stand desks that are sometimes difficult to lift and look ugly when placed in your work area.

MOVI is an innovative company that created the perfect work desk for those who want to improve their lifestyle, even while standing up. It’s the ideal office furniture for those who are concerned with their health. So to make your office life a little bit better, choose this sit-stand desk that will change your every day working hours worth it.

The Benefits of Using the MOVI Sit-Stand Desk

If you have never heard of a sit-stand desk, then you should know how it will positively change your everyday work for the better. There are many reasons why so many office-workers are now choosing to stand up while working. For one, it boosts productivity by up to 53%, based on a 2016 research study. Second, it keeps you healthy by reducing obesity and many heart problems. Third, sit-stand desks help improve your overall mood, so you are more energized every day. These are just some of the reasons that will make you want to choose a sit-stand desk.

MOVI’s sit stand desk

MOVI created an award-winning design as an added bonus. With its sleek and minimal design, you will surely want to get the most out of your day and become productive with whatever task you’re doing. You can now sit and stand to keep yourself more engaged in working situations. And that’s all thanks to MOVI.

Discover What Makes MOVI Different from Other Brands

MOVI’s sit-stand desk is different because it is designed for everyone. Whether you are working an office job or want to have an innovative work desk at home, MOVI has everything for you. The electric sit-stand desk is spacious with its 115cm x 70cm workspace. You can choose from the 24 height selections using the one-touch automated motorized height adjustment. This durable work desk is stable, so you can lean on it without changing its height, and it can carry up to 15 kgs. Lastly, it has USB ports for charging.

If you are looking to have a more healthy working way, the MOVI sit-stand desk is the perfect solution. Reduce any health problems and finish your work in a futuristic way. Feel better every day with MOVI! Get the sit-stand desk and become more productive every working day.