Men are nowadays paying more attention on fashion and their own appearance which refers to as male grooming. This process of male grooming is a part of Clarins to be part of the increasing grooming culture.

Grooming types:

In Clarins following types are part of the men grooming industry which are a part of men’s skin care.


Mainstream market has foothold in the men’s skin care cosmetics like lotions,fragrances, toners which have become more popular timely as per the data men use cosmetics more than a week in some place it is used the most

Skin Care:

Now a days men are taken care of skin and appearance increasingly getting proper information about men cosmetics is hard enough to find on the internet. Hence most of them are into the female cosmetics which are readily available in the market.Instead, men’s skin texture and type are fundamentally differing from the women’s skin and it would be damaging for men using femaleproducts.So, men are encouraged to use toners and lotion only for the oily skin textures.

BB Cream:

The cream which is used to heighten skin tone is called a BB cream then BB cream of men can be characterized by the delicate with natural way of persistence. It creates an artificial layer on skin and one cannot find thatmake-up is worn as it looks natural.


Now a days eyebrow shaping has become more interest of concern as also eyebrow trimming hence by giving a good market for eyebrow shapers and beauty tools also. 

Lip balms:

The men who don’t wear makeups are preferring to lip balms as the item is easily accessible in the market and it is cheaper.The various colored lip balm is in the market as it gives natural look to the lips and give brighten lips with contrast color and compliments to the natural skin tone.


Men grooming has increased the market of barber shops. The barber is licensed professional who are well trained and hair styling, cutting hair and shaving. The increase of the market has led to increase of shave products, powders,pomades, beard oils and shampoo with conditioners which are also readily available at barbershops.


Some men are preferring Botox treatments which will make to shrinks the small wrinkling on the face, around eyes and mouth. Some middle-aged men go for Botox surgery for skin regeneration and for removal of wrinkles to lookyounger.

Summing Up:

Men grooming has increased now a days and it has made fashion, modelling and movie industry more business based, the men grooming industry has setup its own base in the grooming industry.