The time has come to start the search for a wedding dress, the very moment you have dreamed of for so long. You know that you need to find the perfect wedding dress, but where to start? We have prepared for you the tips that we are happy to share, write down. For the juhlamekot this is important.


First of all, determine the style in which you would like to see your wedding dress. This will greatly help you when searching and choosing “your” model. The style of the wedding dress depends on the concept of celebration. Although, the bride has every right to look exactly the way she wants, not based on the style of the wedding itself. It all depends on the desire. As of today, newlyweds are increasingly trying to reflect their character in the concept of a wedding celebration, so the style of the dress can be chosen to fit the style of the holiday, without any restrictions. Moreover, the range allows you to do this. Ruffles, deep V-necklines, and dresses with a collar, or with open shoulders. The presence of both narrow and voluminous sleeves, floral motifs, embroidery and even the length of the dress, all this allows you to create an individual image for the bride.

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The most important thing is to feel your dress. You can imagine yourself in a solemn day and trace your emotions, what mood and what feelings do you feel from your image? The answer to this question will help you set a specific motion vector to the choice of several dresses for fitting. If you want to be light, romantic, airy, then you should pay attention to dresses with flying skirts of tulle or chiffon, transparency and layering, and light lace edging will add their aerial accents. If you want to try on a strict image, then you should definitely choose fitting dresses with clear lines, made of dense fabrics. Some brides choose the dress for the wedding and for the wedding at the same time, in this case, of course, one should pay attention to dresses with sleeves, or choose an outfit with a removable lace top, which can be removed after the traditional part and stay in an open light dress from JJ’s House.

Wedding accessories

First, you need to remember that you have to be yourself, you should not blindly follow trends. Below are the options for brides, as well as, it focuses precisely on those styles that are suitable for a particular type of bride:

Classic: you are a classic bride who focuses on the traditional image or on something that does not go out of fashion. This type of bride gives preference to a dress with a “boat” neckline or a V neckline. For accessories, pay attention to veils and jewelry such as pearls or diamonds.

Romantic: you give yours preference for delicacy and simplicity. Romantic brides often choose tulle or chiffon dresses with the most romantic embroidery – with floral motifs.