People who are looking for a brighter future and career are moving towards countries like Australia, the country offers a lot to those who are skilled and can prove to be an asset to the country, hence in the past few years they have opened up a lot of visas and started launching new programs for those who are willing to relocate to the country.

Currently, the Australian government has declared a lot of openings for the skilled independent visa Australia. Now, you must be curious to know what this visa is all about, the skilled independent visa is given to those, who are extremely skilled in the profile for which they have filled the applications, this can be applied by all those who have no sponsorship by any of the employer or family member living in Australia, to apply for this visa one has to first need to submit the expression of interest.

Below mentioned are the points that need to be specified when applying for this visa.

  • Applicant should be below the age of 45
  • A point test requirement should be satisfied
  • Applicant should have an invitation to apply for the visa
  • One must have an occupation in the applied stream.

This visa makes you eligible to stay permanently in the country also in any state of the country.

Steps to apply for Australia skilled independent visa services

  • Firstly, check for the expression of the skill you are planning to apply for, verify if your skill is in the requirement list of the country
  • Submit your application
  • Wait for the invite to apply for the visa
  • Once invite is received then gather all the necessary documents to support your application
  • Apply for the visa and application should be filled within 60 days of the invite.

In order to be eligible for this visa, one has to score minimum 60 points. A successful applicant is offered a 5-year multiple entry visas to work and live in Australia and after consecutively living in Australia for 4 years you are liable to get a permanent citizenship. The Australian skilled independent visa services can be availed by simply applying for them online.

Further, the skilled independent subclass visa 189 has replaced the onshore subclass visa 885 and offshore subclass visa 175 in the year 2012-2013. There is a provision where you can add your family member including your spouse, children, yours and your spouse’s dependents.

The skilled independent visa Australia allows you and your family to avail all kind of medical services under the Australian Medicare, access to the social security payments, you can also sponsor other family members for the permanent visa to Australia. Once you have received this point-based visa, Australian government becomes bound to offer you all the facilities provided to its residents. You can now consult the people called consultants who can guide you to choose the better options in terms of your skills.