Have you ever dreamed of making the perfect cake for your child’s birthday? I remember as a child I was always in awe of my mother’s wonderful birthday creations and promised to make cakes for my children when I had a family of my own.

The range of colors, shapes and sizes is limited only by the imagination. This means that when you are planning your child’s birthday, you can plan whatever theme suits you and you can be sure that you can make a beautiful birthday cake that will go well with it.

Of course, you can do the opposite. Perhaps you or your child saw the cake in a store or website that you really like. Then instead, plan a birthday theme around the cake.

I loved the idea of ​​making a truly personalized customised cake for kids instead of ordering a traditional sheet cake at our local grocery store. I was nervous at first, but soon realized that with a little patience and practice, anyone can do it!

Getting Your Kid Tastes Cake

Here are some helpful tips to help even the busiest mom bake the perfect birthday cake for her son:

1.) Don’t make a cake from scratch. You can save a lot of time by buying boxed cake mixes and they often taste like cake made from scratch. In fact, on my baby’s last birthday, they even asked me for my cake recipe because it was delicious!

2.) Start by using the character’s curly pot. They usually have very detailed and simple instructions. You can also buy these at a fairly low price (visit eBay to see the used and disused pans available).

3.) Use a ready-made decorator or royal icing. I like Wilton decorative glaze because it tastes good and is great for edges because it holds its shape well and dries quite a bit.

4.) Use a pre-made, colored fondant. I like Satin Ice better because it has a nice vanilla flavor; unlike other pre-made lipsticks and you can get it in several different colors. You can also flavor the fondant with a caramel flavor.

  1. Fun cake shapes can really make cake play. If you are making a more traditional rectangular or round cake, you can decorate it with fun decorations. This is an easy and inexpensive way to make a themed cake.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to try new things!

Above all, have fun and enjoy the look of joy and pride on your child’s face when he sees her special cake and tells her friends that her mother made it just for them.