There is no doubt that you have worn-out clothes, linen, and shoes in your storage or closet right now. If you have nowhere else to put them and you think of throwing them away, don’t. MANRAGS has a solution for you through their textile recyclers in Australia. So gather up your unwanted items and check this article out on how to turn them into something that you can use.

Register Online for Collection:

The first thing to do is to register for collection. You need to register your unwanted clothing and shoes with a cost of $25 with a 10kg allowance. And once you participate, you will automatically gain a $25 credit. That means that the collection fee is fully redeemable if you are interested to get any product with MANRAGS.

Textile Recyclers In Australia

Gather Up The Items You Don’t Need:

Now, it is time to gather up your clothes, linens, and shoes. Go through your wardrobe and remove everything that you are not using anymore, except for your undergarments. Once you have everything, make sure that you give your clothes and linens a good wash and also clean your shoes. Remember that MANRAGS will only accept clean items. You can pack your items in food delivery boxes, toilet paper boxes, alcohol or wine delivery box, pet food box, and so on. You need to make sure that your package is safe and secure.

Inform MANRAGS For A Pickup Schedule:

Once all of your items are cleaned and packed, then you can log back into your account and notify the company. You can schedule at any time that is suitable for you. Again, make sure that your items are packed and ready into a box or a secure package. It should not weigh more than 10kg.

You Are Booked For Collection!

Once you have contacted MANRAGS and scheduled for pickup, a team will book your collection within 24 hours upon receiving your request. You will be provided a label that you can attach to your package. Then, a courier from Sendle will come to your address to pick up your items for you.

MANRAGS Keeps Your Old Items Out of the Landfill:

Once MANRAGS has received your items, they will donate those that are in good condition to different charities. The company has partnered with organizations like Good360 and Ready Set to make sure that the items that you send over will be passed on to those who really need them. And the remaining items that are not considered “fit-to-wear” will be prepared for recycling or repurposing. For example, your jeans can be turned into tote bags or aprons. And those items that are too damaged can be recycled to create yarn. They are also shredded and used for insulation or stuffing for pet beds.