Have you ever gone into a home with décor that seemed like an explosion of wildly different color schemes, furniture styles, and artistic themes? In a setting like that, it almost seems like the person put it all together by accident. A more cohesive design would be much more pleasant. Here’s how to achieve interior décor with more unity.

Look Around

Start by looking around your home. Stand at various places in each room and notice whether you can see other rooms from where you are. If the rooms are truly separated, you can decorate them differently. If you can see the kitchen easily from the living room, you’ll need to make sure the décor in the kitchen works with what you put in the living room. 

Stick to One Color Scheme

Knowing what you do now about what different parts of your home are seen together, use just one color scheme for all the rooms that are in view of each other. For color schemes you can coordinate across several different types of areas, consider stopping by 1StopBedrooms. The different parts don’t have to match exactly. You can add subtle difference such as different shades of the same color to set off one area from another. Yet, the basic color palette and the overall look should remain the same across all viewable areas.

As for the rooms that are totally separate, it’s perfectly fine to create completely different looks for each one. Let your imagination play as you choose different colors for each of these separate areas.

Choose One Theme

The word “theme” is often used interchangeably with “style.” Your theme is a singular idea that informs every part of the design, from colors to patterns to furniture design. Examples of themes include:
• Modern
• Coastal
• Minimalist
• Scandinavian
• Urban
• Art Deco
• Shabby chic
• Vintage
• Zen
• Bohemian
• Country
• Traditional
There is also a style called eclectic. However, it’s hard to create unity with an eclectic style unless you know a lot about furniture, accessories, and other aspects of interior design. A furniture retailer can offer design tips for cohesive style as well.

Don’t Use Too Many Different Textures and Patterns

Adding textures to your home décor is a wonderful thing. Textures make your home both more interesting and more inviting. However, for a home that looks well-put-together, choose only a few textures in each separate area.
The same is true for patterns. For example, putting a chair with a geometric design in the same room with a sofa that has an intricate, flowery patterned fabric is a mistake that creates a feel of conflict. However, using mostly solid colored furniture with only one or two patterned pieces can create a nice effect.
If you want your home to look like everything belongs, it’s important to create a cohesive interior design. Assess how your spaces work together or separately. Use just one color scheme and one theme for areas that are viewed together. Avoid putting too many different textures and patterns in the same area. Go with a company that has an easy payment plan. When you do all this, you can enjoy the feeling that everything is just as it should be.