Marriage is the process in which both men and women make their relationship status to the public in a permanent, official, and legal way. It is the legal acceptance of men, women, and their families. But nowadays most marriages end up in divorce because of issues and problems in their relationship. Divorce is the process of legal action taken by married people to end their marital relationship. They refer to it as the method of dissolving the marriage and the legal action of terminating the marriage life before the death of the spouse. Marriage is the lifetime agreement made by two people and ending up this process is not a simple task. The divorce attorney San Antonio TX helps in making your divorce process easier and quick as soon as possible based on your wish. They are highly qualified and professional persons. They follow various techniques and legal ways to make your divorce in a clean and ethical way.

Legal ways to attain a divorce

There are two legal ways a spouse can choose for attaining the divorce process.

  • No-fault divorce: In this process, one spouse can file divorce without blaming or giving reason against another spouse for divorcing. Reasons for a faultless divorce include irreparable differences, loss of affection, and irremediable breakdowns.
  • Fault-based divorce: It allows the spouse to get a divorce on the grounds of wrongdoing. Causes of divorce based on misconduct include abandonment, adultery, abuse of drugs and alcohol, and domestic violence. Spouses may select to get a divorce based on wrongdoing in order to avoid the required waiting time or decisions regarding the children.

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Reasons for divorce

Some common reasons for applying for divorce are as follows.

  • Lack of intimacy between the couples
  • No proper understanding between them
  • Financial issues
  • Constant arguing and fights between couples
  • Lack of communication and infidelity
  • Got married to the wrong person
  • Married at an early age
  • Lack of importance and equality among them
  • Physical appearance
  • Loss of identity
  • No proper attachment with the family members and lack of fulfillment in the needs and expectations

The divorce attorney san antoniotx proceeds from the divorce process in two major routes of mediation and the court. Mediation is a better choice for couples to proceed in the divorce process because it allows them to take major decisions regarding their divorce. It is the fastest and affordable method in which there will be one mediator to talk between them about their problems and settlements related to the divorce. If you cannot proceed with this agreement together, then you can move your divorce through courts where there will be a judge to decide on your case legally.

You can contact a divorce attorney online to book your appointments to deal with your case. They are highly cost-efficient and help in solving your case in a smooth and faster way by getting proper settlements from the spouse.