Do you care about the environment and want to buy a vehicle accordingly?

If the answer is yes, then Chevrolet 2020 Bolt EV is the answer to your question. It is one of the best electronic vehicles in the market currently. This hatchback model with ample cabin space, long range of driving, affordable price, and more make it quite attractive to people. The primary reason to manufacture this vehicle is because Chevrolet wants people to have easy access to EVs. So, check this car when you are in West Jefferson Chevrolet dealership.

Engine and its performance

One of the most essential features of this EV is the electric motor it comes with. It offers quick response to all accelerator inputs and its torque lets the car to move ahead smoothly after a signal changes to green. Though response might feel a little less immediate when driving on the highway, it is still a great vehicle which merges and passes on the highway without any hassle.

Moreover, it offers ample power and composed ride quality; this car will challenge any misconception an individual might have about electric vehicles. Also, it one can ride it without any impact into its cabin.

The steering is always accurate and quick irrespective of the road structure. Also, it comes with a firm brake system and has more than average power when it comes to stopping. However, it mind-blowing regenerative braking allows people to drive without needing to touch the brake pedal in most of the scenarios.

To fully recharge this car, an individual needs to plug the battery for 9 hours to a power outlet of 240-volt. However, people who use level-3 charge stations, then just 30 minutes of charging will allow the car owner to drive 90 miles. The Bolt EV has a range of travelling 259 miles after it is fully charged which was previously 238 miles. This means it is at par with its competitors at a lesser price.

Trims available

Only two trims are available for people to purchase the LT at $ 37,495 and Premier at $41,895. People can buy either of the models as both offer great features at this price. However, people looking to get the best and fancier features should get the Premier variant.

Also, the Premier trim has exclusive content like ambient lighting, heated seats, premium leather seats, etc. Lastly, if you are adamant about choosing the LT trim then make sure to add a few packages to it like the Convenience and Comfort one as well as the Driver Confidence one. To know more visit a Chevrolet West Jefferson area dealer.

Infotainment and interior

Though this car might look a little small in size, it has a spacious cabin that looks classy and elegant. Its finishing work is quite eye catching and is available in soothing colors. Moreover, it has a large display for accessing the infotainment system. Smartphone integration is available but the only con which comes to mind is no navigation system available in it.

Overall, this is the best EV vehicle which one can buy currently. It is fast, comfortable and is reasonably priced, which is why you shouldn’t wait anymore and book one quickly!