For common people, most of the time, they only notice the most noticeable features of their home as the big and prominent features such as the windows, sidings, their doors which are the ones that always get the attention to any houses but a lot have not known, there is another important materials, or part of the entire structure that is often overlooked, and this is most probably the soffit and the fascia. On why these two features of the house’s entire structure are important, let us all find out here.

Soffit and fascia are equally as important as the main and most noticeable features we have mentioned above and, in this article, let us learn about its importance and learn its different functions in our houses.


Soffit Brampton, for those who are not familiar with it is the exposed siding underneath our roof’s overhang which is usually located on the underside of it but not that visible when it comes to terms of its curb appeal but soffit can be seen if we are close enough to the house and we are underneath the roofing or on a street level just to get a good view out of it. Soffit commonly has the same design and the colour of most house’s colours especially on its sidings, but there are different colours and variations to this construction material which depends on the home owner’s personal colour preference and taste.

When it comes to the material of the soffit, it can either be made from wood, aluminium, and vinyl but what makes it important is that the material used in making soffit must be very suitable to the climate of the house’s location or the place of the owner’s living in while a lot of homeowners are situated in the Midwest part of the United States, a lot of them are using the vinyl type soffit to suitable for the cold climate.


Fascia, on the other hand, always come hand-in-hand with our home’s soffit because this is used as an area of the siding which is directly located above the soffit. For those what fascia is, it is the exposed board that you can visibly see of your roof’s overhang. Fascia is important because this is where the gutters are placed usually. Fascia is very visible, and it needs to be well-designed or shaped in order for it to look presentable and it also serves as the curb of your house’s roofing that is why its visual appeal must be well-designed and presentable.

Just like soffit, fascia comes in different materials with regards to its make. It could either be vinyl, aluminium, or wood. Just like many households, the usual make of fascia used in the roofing design is vinyl.


With regards to the importance of fascia and soffit is that these part of your house serves as the ventilation and manages the airflow between your roofing and your attic. Your attic just like other parts of your entire house, it needs well ventilation or there could be moisture buildup where moulds can form freely, and this will cause mould buildup not just in the attic and could affect your entire house in the long run.