Did you know that in 2020, 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses? As a result, Google reviews play a crucial role in making your business more visible in Google searches.

These reviews also help build trust and convert more customers to your business. So now, you may be wondering how to get more Google reviews.

This guide will give you four simple ways to increase the number of positive Google reviews for your business.

1. Just Ask

The best way how to get clients to leave Google reviews is to ask! Of course, you don’t need to ask them to leave 5-stars because it can sound pushy. But, if the client was happy with the good or service, ask them to leave you feedback.

Many customers are happy to leave a review for a pleasant experience. They know how beneficial positive reviews are for businesses. If you let them know how much you appreciate the feedback, you encourage them to be honest with their opinion.

Consumers value the opportunity to leave candid feedback with other consumers. It also allows your business to grow and be better.

2. Include a Review Link

There are several ways you can send your customers a review link. For example, if you have a monthly newsletter, send e-bills, or have a website, you can include a link to leave a review. You can also put the link on your social media pages if you don’t have a website.

Anytime you connect with a customer on the Internet, you can include a link for them to review the business. People get busy and will forget to leave a review. Thus, sharing a link is another great way for how to get more Google reviews.

3. Respond to Feedback

Your business is bound to get a bad review from time to time. But, rather than just letting that review sit on your business page, respond to the customer about steps you’ve taken to improve.

Customers understand that not everything runs perfectly in a business. However, if they see you addressing concerns and making changes, they are more likely to choose your company over someone else’s.

How to Delete a Google Review

There may come a time when someone leaves a derogatory or false review for your business. In that case, you will want to know how to remove bad reviews. Using the Google My Business review removal request tool, you can report a review and petition Google to remove it.

4. Use Available Tools

If you’re still thinking about how to get Google reviews outside of engaging your customers, there are several other tools available to help you. For example, generation tools use automation to ask for reviews. You can also use the Google widget or text messages.

Whichever tools you decide to use, don’t incentivize or buy reviews. These methods violate Google’s review policy. You could face financial penalties from government agencies too.

Now You Know How to Get More Google Reviews

Google reviews will continue to be vital for small businesses. But you don’t have to worry because now you know how to get more google reviews. Remember, Google reviews help your business grow when you encourage your customers to leave honest feedback.

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