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divorce in Houston Texas

Our motive is to provide best services to our clients and maintain our image in the market. That’s why we charge genuinely our clients. So let’s proceed to another topic and get some details about the charges that we charge according to the case. We charge our clients differently or according to their case type. We are giving you some variety of cases in divorce and then tell you the genuine charge:

  1. Agreed divorce, no children, no property = $500-$750
  2. Agreed divorce = $500-$750
  3. Agreed divorce with children, no property, no child support = $1500-$2500
  4. Agreed divorce with children, child support order in place, no property = $750-$1500
  5. Agreed divorce, no child support order, with property= $2500

These are the amount that we charge. But there are many more. We are just providing you a few examples of it.

We just want to provide you our best. We support each and every client. If we get any client who isn’t financially well then we can help her/him by reducing the price in the market. And as same as we also increase our price when we get a rich and wealthy client.

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