Getting contaminated with HIV or STD is injurious to health and who would want that for the right. And many also don’t want to get them tested by going to the clinic, so for them, these services were introduced where you can take this test easily just by sitting at the comfort of your home. Yes, home test kits for STD and HIV are now available in Singapore that you can check for yourself at home and know if you have contaminated that disease or not. Just buy yourself an HIV test kit Singapore and get checked.

Other option-

  • Well if you are uncertain about the test kits, then you can also opt for home testing.
  • Where the assigned guy would come to your house, take your sample and you can relax, those people are all professionals only.
  • And within 7 days you get your results.
  • Also, the results are completely lab certified, so you know that you are testing from a reliable center only.
  • Lastly, this kind of kit also includes post-consultation. So, after you get your results you can discuss that with the doctor.

So, this whole thing looks legit and reliable, but how does the whole thing work?

HIV test kit singapore

  • All you need to do is, go to their website, fill out a questionnaire given there all about your health condition and then select the desired location you want to get your sample collected from and wait for the time slot you have given for collection.
  • Then a doctor would contact you to discuss your symptoms and responses and then books the appointment for the sample collection.
  • A professional phlebotomist would visit your house for sample collection if required would provide you with certain tools for you to do self-collection.

And then you just have to wait for the tests to arrive so you can further consult with the doctor about the HIV test kit singapore. Also, if you are worried about the cost of those test kits, then don’t worry about that since they are all priced appropriately, thus won’t cause a hole in your pocket. And the packages are differentiated as per the kit you choose like the cost would differ if you choose, basic package or full package or essential or just an HIV one.

So, the price would be according to the package you choose, and hence the benefits would also differ accordingly.