People select their shoes based on their foot size, suitable color, quality, and trendy shoes which are new to the market. Using the shoe for the whole day may result in bad odor from the shoes. This mainly caused due to two important reasons. One is because of the shoe leather and the other is because of sweating. Some people have more sweating and others have less sweating. To avoid sweating, one should remain cool which will gradually reduce their body temperature. But it is difficult to remain in a cool place where people often go for their work and remain in work tension. There are many tips through online regarding How to Get Rid of Shoe Odor that will help you remain to feel fresh shoes.

How to remove the bad odor of your footwear

The bad odor of your footwear is mainly caused due to sweating of your foot. This sweating will result in forming many harmful bacteria inside your footwear. If you remove the odor by using any perfume, then the bacteria after some time will again create the bad odor from your footwear. So it is important to remove both the odor and the bacteria from your footwear. Some home remedies which help you to remove the bad odor from your footwear are as follows.

  • After removing your footwear from the whole day of work, try to wash them using baking soda and allow them to dry in an extremely ventilated place. This will help you to remove odor from your footwear.
  • To remove bacteria from your footwear, leave them in a freezer or coat your shoe with alcohol and allow them to remain in a ventilated area. Using freezer or alcohol will destroy the bacteria.
  • Stuff the newspaper on your footwear will help you to avoid odor.
  • To avoid smelling shoes, allow them in direct sunlight.


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Tips to prevent your footwear from bad odor

Foot odor makes you and the person around you feel uncomfortable. These smells are caused by sweating and the bacteria that are formed inside your footwear. How to Get Rid of Shoe Odor is the only question arising out in many houses. Instead of worrying about the odor, start preventing your footwear’s before it gets affected by bacteria and smells bad. It is smart to prevent your shoes before it gets into odor. Some of the tips to prevent your foot and your footwear are,

  • Try to keep your feet dry especially after showers. If you keep your feet moist and wear a shoe, then it starts smelling with bad odor.
  • If you are the person with moist feet, try to use talcum powder on your shoes and have antiperspirant on your foot.
  • Wearing socks will also make your feet to remain dry. Wearing cotton socks will make you more comfortable from sweating. Try to change your socks and shoes as soon as possible, if you have excess moist on your foot.
  • Soaking your feet in vinegar and water daily will make you avoid sweating.