When it comes to carports and garages, there are benefits and pitfalls to each. So, which one should you pick to enhance your property?

Garage options

A garage can either be directly attached to a home, or sit as a separate structure with its own external access points. But in either case, they are usually defined as being entirely enclosed and thus able to provide plenty of security for whatever you might wish to store within them, while also keeping out the worst of the weather throughout the year.

Whether a garage is constructed from sturdy materials, such as masonry and metal, or fashioned from more-affordable and fast to assemble alternatives, such as timber, it can do more than just protect your car.

You can add garage shelving, a workbench or even full-sized appliances to create a complete utility area. And when you get Garage Shelving through https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk/shelving the options are endless.

Carport considerations

A carport is designed to be simpler and more affordable than a garage, effectively acting as a permanent awning over part of your driveway that runs down the side of your house.

Constructed from metal or uPVC, a carport’s main function is to keep the elements at bay and prevent them from causing wear and tear to your vehicle, and it will be a welcome addition for driver and passengers alike. Rather than having to fumble for your keys as the rain lashes down, or rush back and forth with the shopping while getting soaked, the roof will provide much-needed shelter.

Key distinctions

A garage is far more flexible as a space than a carport, even for people who do not drive. You could set up gym equipment and use it as a workout area, or even convert it into additional living space. Experts agree that this adds value to your property.

The lower cost of a carport makes it appealing for those on a budget, as does the fact that no planning permission is required to erect one in most cases. The same is not true of a garage, which will usually be classed as a permanent addition and will involve a bit more paperwork.

If you are starting from scratch, then you can pick between the two according to your needs and available funds.