One of the most unfortunate diseases that appear during the summer when we are out wearing summer sandals and slippers are nail infections on the toes. You probably do not think about how much time each day you spend wearing closed shoes that disables your normal ventilation, which is one of the main causes of these problems that can be very painful. The halal certification canada will now share a few health tips with you:

Fungal nail infections are more common in adults and a large part of the world’s population suffers from this problem. In the initial phase, the most commonly occurring fungal infection of the skin, are recognized as a change in the appearance of the skin of the foot, or between the toes on the legs. The skin is swollen and slightly red, and has severe itching and bubbles (blisters). At a later stage, the skin creates moist stains that cause severe pain.

This fungal infection is also transmitted to nails in a large number of cases and causes their damage and deterioration. Usually the disease occurs on the lateral parts of the nail, as well as on the edges and leads to a change in the color of the nail, which becomes thick and yellow and begins to separate from the nail beds. Gradually the fungal infection spreads and takes up the larger part of the nail.

How does one get fungal infections?
Fungal infections are the result of both hereditary and environmental factors. More often they occur with those family members who have predispositions for them, but that does not have to be the case. The main cause of fungus on toenails is moisture and darkness in which the feet are found for most of the day. This is a particular problem in winter, when the feet are trapped all day in thick socks and shoes. The feet are sweating throughout the day, creating an ideal atmosphere for the development of fungi.
The fungus is a transmissible infection and you can easily get it from others. They can be transferred by borrowing shoes because during walking the foot is sweating and a part of the infection stays on it so it will very likely be transferred to the next person who is using it. Fungi may also occur due to improper hygiene or frequent exposure to wet conditions. A floor in the pool, in a sauna or in a bathroom can be an ideal place to get this infection.

How to fight and cure fungal infection?
Untreated infections cause a change in nail color, pain and discomfort, and the best solution is certainly prevention. Try not to walk barefoot around the pool, do not exchange shoes with others, and try to give your feet more opportunity to breathe freely.
If an infection occurs, a rule similar to any other health problem – early diagnosis and timely treatment are necessary to prevent further complications and shorten the healing process. There are many myths about natural remedies that we use in everyday nutrition, but the safe way to protect and cure fungal infections are the special serums that you can find in pharmacies.