Dried flowers have a long shelf life, making them a great sustainable option for your home, office, or wedding. Dried flowers’ lifespan is determined by the conditions in which they are stored, but as a general rule, dried flowers can last for many years. In comparison to fresh flowers, which only last a week, dried and preserved flowers are a fantastic long-term option, and with proper care (as outlined above), these beauties can last for years. Here is some amazing information about dried preserved flowers Singapore!

What are preserved flowers?

Preserved flowers are fresh-cut flowers that go through a special preservation process that keeps them looking natural while keeping their original suppleness, shape, and brightness. They are 100 percent real and natural flowers that have been preserved using cutting-edge technology, allowing them to retain their suppleness and textures while lasting longer. They can last for many months and even years down the line.

How does it work?

Flower preservation is a time-consuming and costly procedure that involves the use of high-grade, non-toxic, cosmetic-grade chemicals. Only the highest quality flowers are used to ensure preserved flowers meet stringent quality control standards. Because they’ve been rehydrated in a glycerine bath with colorants, preserved florals appear to be fresh blooms. These easy-to-maintain flowers make great long-lasting gifts with their refreshing appearance and bright colors.

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Tips for preserving the beauty of your dried flowers

Flowers that have been preserved keep their supple touch and natural color for up to three years (or longer in a sealed casing). Handle these lovely blooms with care, as you would any flower.

  1. Do not water them.
  2. These dried flowers are very delicate, hence, you should handle them with care. The petals should not be crushed, pressed, or folded because they may break.
  3. Keep away from direct sunlight, wind, and humidity.
  4. Keep the flowers inside, in a cool, dry location, to avoid exposing them to environments that will hasten their decomposition.


Preserved roses and other florals are the epitome of evergreen beauty, with an aesthetic appearance that is unrivalled to this day. Giving someone preserved flowers in a glass dome is a sweet gesture that is both natural and practical. Flowers are one of the best ways to express your love and appreciation for someone, no matter what the occasion. Though they might come under the expensive side, dried preserved flowers Singapore may be the best option out of all floral options to gift someone you love this Valentine’s or… maybe the next!