Children are bubbling with energy as they are young and carefree. However, some of them may struggle to channel all the vigor. So, some kids may take it to bully or fight as a vent to their energy. These things can scar their peers for life and tarnish their image. So, engaging them in physical activities like sports is of great help. Martial arts like taekwondo can teach young children some valuable life lessons. These include self-discipline, socialization, handling conflicts, dealing with failures, respecting others, and more. So, here is a list of schools and academies in Singapore that have good taekwondo instructor to teach the children.

  1. JH Kim Taekwondo Classes in Singapore 

This academy was founded in 1974 and has become an international name. They are recognized globally for their intuitive teaching methods and have received many awards. They focus on improving their students’ agility, coordination, and fitness.

  1. TOP Taekwondo Academy 

They don’t believe in winning competitions and belts as they want their students to improve themselves in every aspect. They believe that the children can find the strongest competitors in themselves. The child can experience holistic growth from perseverance to discipline as they take lessons here. They have qualified and trained Korean and Singaporean instructors.

taekwondo instructor

  1. Korean Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy 

If anyone wants their children to excel in competitions and earn belts, this is the place to go. The academy was established in 2015 and quickly grew up with a second branch. Their students have many awards in both national and international competitions. The taekwondo instructor and teachers here are picked carefully as many are ex-members of the national team. They also take pride in their self-defense training, helping young children become independent.

  1. Kickmatics Taekwondo 

They have some of the most experienced instructors who are former national and international athletes. They focus on building body strength through cardiovascular exercises and dynamic tension of the body. The students learn self-discipline, confidence, respect, and more. The place is safe and has a well-maintained training area.

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art that is a means of teaching discipline in children. Childhood is a sensitive age as children may pick wrong habits that can haunt them forever. So, parents should encourage their kids to participate in healthy activities like sports and martial arts. These can help with the growth and health of young kids.