Bollards are the pillar that acts as a barrier both physically and visually to guide the traffic. There are many shapes and varieties of bollards to choose from. Sometimes bollards are constructed to stop the vehicle and protect property and people. Bollards are often customised according to the landscape.

Street furniture includes traffic signs, post boxes, benches, tram stops, traffic lights, phone boxes, bollards, dustbin, memorials, street lamps, fountains etc. in case of all these furniture also the design must match with the landscape, and it shall have proper visuals. The placement of street furniture must be adequately visualised and should maintain road safety. Street furniture suppliers always keep these points in mind while supplying these products.

Proper visual is needed

The priority that is maintained is the visual of these products. Streets are not only meant for movements, but they are also living spaces. These living aspects also improve human activities and lives of people.

With proper visuals of street bollards and street furniture, the streets look much vibrant or else these setups would act as an obstacle, and that will affect the lives of the people negatively.

The durability of street bollards and street furniture

One of the other essential factors that must be kept in mind by the street furniture suppliers is the durability of street bollards and street furniture. Street bollards are made of high-quality plastic so that it is visible enough for motorists and drivers.

Sometimes metal bollards and steel bollards are also used in the road. In that case, they are powdered coated so that they can withstand rain and sunlight. Metal bollards and steel bollards when used are filled with concrete from inside, and they are coloured in such a way so that they are easily visible and also match the landscape.

The same is with street furniture. They are coloured in such a way so that it does not get damaged in harsh weather and also visible.

Best price is also a matter to be considered

Street furniture suppliers also keep in mind that they supply the products at the best rate. Bollards and furniture are not the assets of the company that they won’t be changed forever. These products also get changed after specific years.

Hence the suppliers also have to keep in mind that they supply the best product at the best rate.

Street bollards and street furniture are placed in such a way that they can be easily removable without causing much damage to streets. They are used both for decorating and safety purposes.