Anavar is one of the most popular anabolic steroids preferred by bodybuilders, weightlifters, athletes, and celebrities. This steroid is claimed to be effective when you are using this with your cutting cycle to achieve a ripped and toned body. It can help you do better with your workout and training since Anavar is known to increase athletic performance, improve muscularity while burning excess body fat.

Anavar is considered “safer” among other anabolic-androgenic steroids that you can find on the market today. According to experienced users, this steroid is safe for both men and women. Despite the fact that Anavar is a safe steroid, it is best to consider some factors before you decide on using this drug with your cycle. Learn how it functions in the body, how your body should react to it, the benefits you can get, and most importantly, the potential side effects it can cause.

What is Anavar?

Anavar is a name of the best oxandrolone brand on the market. It has both anabolic and androgenic properties similar to testosterone. This is an oral laboratory developed anabolic steroid that is known for its chemical names which may include:

  • 53-39-4
  • Lonavar
  • Oxandrolone
  • Oxandrin
  • Protivar
  • Vasorome

Regardless of the names, before you make any purchase, it is best that you are aware that all of these have a chemical formula of C19H30O3. This product is also found in international brands manufactured by Pfizer, Savient Pharmaceuticals, and Atlantis. However, you must understand that Anavar distribution has been discontinued in the United States. This is according to the reports of the Food and Drug Administration.

What is the Safest Dosage Recommendation?

When talking about Anavar dosage recommendations, bodybuilding websites and forum boards have a long list of suggestions that you can follow. However, it is best to compare these recommendations, know what other users follow for you to be able to get the best match for you. You must also understand that when taking any anabolic androgenic steroid, the risk for side effects is always high.

In medical scenarios, Anavar was prescribed to improve weight gain for a person suffering from serious illness or injury and sometimes after a surgical procedure. In these cases, the dosage recommendation ranges from 2.5 mg a day to 20 mg a day. This will depend on the severity of the case. For nonmedical purposes like bodybuilding or performance enhancement, it is common for experienced users to suggest an Anavar dose which ranges from 15 mg a day up to 25 mg a day or sometimes even higher.

Anavar Stacks

Stacking or combining drugs is a common practice among bodybuilders. This is usually done to achieve better results whether for bulking or cutting. Stacking is also beneficial to reduce the potential side effects brought by some strong steroids. Aside from testosterone, there are other common drugs that are being added with Anavar. Some of these drugs may include:

  • Anti-estrogenic drugs like Clomid, Nolvadex, Arimidex and Letrozole
  • Anti-prolactin such as Dostinex and Parlodel
  • Reductase inhibitors like Proscar or Avodart

Before adding Anavar to your cycle, you must be aware that this drug alone has its set of potential side effects. Adding more drugs with it increases the risk of negative impact on body organ functions.

Anavar is a mild steroid. However, it is still possible for users to experience androgenic effects. Most of the side effects are usually dependent on some factors like age, weight, body, composition, overall health status, dosage, the frequency of use, and length of use. Make sure that you consider all these factors in order for you to achieve better results and avoid adverse reactions.