Have you ever been arrested for drug charges in Knoxville? If yes, then working with criminal lawyers Knoxville TN, is the only way to fight the charges and get away from the harsh penalties under the Tennessee and federal laws.

As the Knoxville and Tennessee drug laws can be complex and challenging to navigate through, you must have the support of an excellent legal team. So how can you fight drug charges in Knoxville?

Get In Touch With a Knoxville Criminal Lawyer

If you are charged with drug possession, distribution, or trafficking in Knoxville, your very first step to fighting the charges is hiring a reputable criminal lawyer from the city.

Ensure to do this soon to give your lawyer the maximum amount of time to start working on the defense.

It is ideal to hire a criminal attorney as soon as you post the bail. If you wait to talk to an attorney until you are indicted, you and your lawyer may run short on planning time.

Think About Different Defense Strategies

If you are convicted of drug crimes in Knoxville, Tennessee, you may face severe penalties like jail time, fines, and probation. First-time offenders may face misdemeanor charges which carry a one-year jail sentence and fines up to $2500.

Without the help of criminal lawyers in Knoxville, TN, you may find it challenging to come out of the case and face the repercussions. Once you hire a local attorney, you can assess the possible defense strategies for the case.

When facing drug charges, there are multiple avenues of defense that you can think about.

  • The Knoxville attorney can prove that the prosecution has failed to establish the elements in the case successfully.
  • The attorney can argue that the arresting officer illegally searched you or the vehicle.

Hiring the right attorney at the right time is the only way to fight drug charges in Knoxville successfully.

Issues with the Lab Tests

The attorney can use this tactic to get the drug possession charges dropped quickly. By arguing that there is insufficient proof that the substance found in your possession is an illegal drug, the Knoxville attorney can build a strong defense in your favor.

Generally, the substance which is confiscated is sent to the lab for testing. There are high chances of the testing equipment malfunctioning, or the samples could get mislabeled, lost, or destroyed during the process.

Even though this may not occur frequently, it does happen in rare cases. If the rare case happens to be your case, then the attorney can use this opportunity to prove that you indeed did not possess any illegal substance.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Even if the arresting officers found any drugs in your vehicle or house, did you know that the substances were present there in the first place?

For charging you with drug possession cases in Knoxville, the prosecution must prove that you knowingly and intentionally possessed the illegal drugs. And ascertaining this is not a mean feat.

Experienced criminal lawyers from Knoxville, TN, can thwart the case by arguing that you did not know the drugs were there or that the drugs belong to someone else.

As drug arrests can be intimidating and scary, make sure you have a good Knoxville criminal lawyer by your side to help you with the process.