Eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Life is becoming fast day by day. Heavy work and boredom have been eliminated from so many daily jobs, which allow us more time to live life in the fast lane, to work full time and to manage a house. The food is being processed and prepared so that we simply have to heat it. It is the preparation of food for an easy life, which triggers the worry. Prepared and processed foods drastically reduce the time required to produce a meal, but they are the things that are added to these foods, such as additives and preservatives, and, most importantly, things that are eliminated, such as bran and other forms of Fiber should be considered in a balanced and healthy diet.

Not all processed food products are complete foods; the white flour, which has all the bran, is removed from it, it is a processed food and so is the white rice, which has been polished to eliminate the outer shell, which makes it faster to digest.


Fiber has become a buzzword of the modern era, triggered by growing concern and awareness of a healthy diet. Fiber is composed of complex carbohydrates. Dietary fiber is a substance that forms the cell walls of plants. There is no dietary fiber in fish, meat or dairy products. It does not contain vitamins or minerals. This was the reason why it was considered that grinding and food processing was a good idea to get rid of the resistant outer coating to obtain food that was easily digestible. Most diseases in the modern world were more related to vitamin deficiencies than to lack of fiber.

Fiber can prevent digestive problems.

A diet rich in fiber improves bowel movements, thus preventing constipation, hemorrhoids and intestinal problems such as inflammation of the colon and rectum. Fiber prevents gallstones and appendicitis.

The intake of fiber in diabetes decreases the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream, thus maintaining blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

natural fiber content

Weight loss: is the most important factor in a weight loss program. It helps you have a “full belly” that kills the need to eat more. Does it really work Fibre select? Yes it prevents gastric problems and heart disease.

Basic principles of high fiber diet.

Use fresh fruits whenever possible. Use basic products that have been processed as little as possible to maintain their natural fiber content. It has become fashionable to eat white bread. But this is made from processed flour, which has a minimum of fiber. The wet and fluffy breads are more in the current days. It seems that every trace of fiber has been removed from such breads. The integral or multigrain bread is without a doubt a better option. A diet high in fiber requires that you eat lots of fruits and vegetables and less dairy and meat products. Consume more natural cereals, legumes and grains, legumes and beans. It is a good idea to try and eat some raw foods every day. It can include fruits, raw carrot and celery. Make a habit of eating fresh salad every day. To obtain the maximum amount of fiber from fruits and vegetables you should not peel them.

In conclusion

Amount of fiber needed. An adult should consume between 12 and 18 grams of fiber per day.

Remember not to include too much fiber content in your diet initially, as it could cause flatulence and gastric problems. Increase the quantities gradually.