Businesses look for the best possible way to ensure acquiring the highest possible qualified leads in its sectors. For this, using lead generating tool is an excellent way to achieve ideal results. However, before starting to use one, people need to ensure that using such a tool is in their budget. This is why most organizations globally opt for Fastbase.

It is understandable that budget is always an issue when using such software that is why this lead generating software company has come up with different version of their services. It consists of:

  • Free version
  • Premium
  • Premium+

Before starting to use Fastbase, it is ideal for you to know about these versions in brief. Hence, go through the points below.

  1. Lite (free version)

This is free forever. There is no need to spend a dime if a firm plans to use this version of the lead generating tool. However, there are some restrictions that makes it good for people who wants to use it for a trial period before upgrading to a paid format. Still, it offers some web traffic and 10 lead approximately on a daily basis. Though it can be used for just a single website, it will provide users with leads from last two weeks.

Data received by people here comprise of visitor name, company profile, address, contact details, etc.

  1. Premium (paid)

This is the most chosen format by people as it comes with everything that the free version provides along with more valuable features.Details about it include:

  • Plan starts from $39 per month; opting for a whole year will comes to $304 after a huge 35% discount. However, this discount offer is available for a limited time only.
  • Users will have an option to select and get minimum 5 or maximum 50 profiles of web analytics. The more profiles one wants to add in this account the more he/she will have to pay.
  • As long as subscription is paid for using Fastbase, users will receive unlimited qualified leads and permits people to check leads for 12 previous months.
  • Apart from getting visiting date of visitors, it also shows time spend on a webpage by people.
  • It allows users to download data directly to Excel or implement into CRM systems to upgrade it with new information.

Lastly is the Premium+ version, which is given below in detail!

  1. Premium+ (paid)

This option includes whatever Premium has to offer to its clients and some more. This is ideal for business who wants the best services and hottest leads for highest possible conversion rate.

  • It costs $375 per month; for yearly subscription one will require paying $2,925 till the 35% discount option is available.
  • Unlimited leads and limitlessprofiles of web analytics can be used by people subscribed to this option.
  • It provides email tracking and email contact ability.
  • IP-addresses, industry keyword, 500-G leads, and more for every visitor.

Since the plans are laid above for you to go through, it is best you pick one which is most suitable for your company. It is advised to go with Premium in the beginning; however, one can use the Lite Version to start and then upgrade accordingly.