Medical and dental care, mental health, care coordination/case management, physical therapy, and pharmaceutical services are part of our comprehensive family health services. Our primary care services are designed to help them avoid sickness and live a healthy lifestyle. We approach your healthcare from a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) perspective. Patient-centered, team-based, comprehensive, accessible, and devoted to safety and quality are all characteristics of a PCMH. You, your family, and the medical staff make up your healthcare team.

From babies to the elderly, our family health medical services encompass primary, preventative, acute, and chronic medical care. Read more about our medical services if you seek a dependable local primary care practitioner.

Their family medicine services will examine the reason for your appointment, do any required examinations, and design your specific treatment plan at your first visit. Our clinicians and healthcare team can provide exceptional care that matches their family’s healthcare needs by customizing each patient’s visit.

We provide the following services:

The following primary medical care services are provided by our board-certified family doctors, physician assistants, and family nurse practitioners:

  • Good care of children
  • Exams for children, physicals, and sports physicals
  • Cough, sore throat, fever, sickness, and injuries require immediate attention.
  • Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and asthma are all chronic illnesses that need to be managed.
  • Internal medicine is concerned with the treatment of complicated adult disorders.
  • Vaccinations and immunizations
  • Other diagnostic tests and labs
  • Cancer, depression, and drug abuse problems are all things that may be screened for.
  • Screening and treatment for infectious diseases
  • Women’s well-being
  • Family planning and reproductive health
  • Prenatal, obstetric, and postpartum care are all available.
  • Case management, referrals, and navigation are all part of the care coordination process.

We only fill out disability documents for existing patients. We consider them established when we’ve worked with a patient for at least 6 months. Within the first six months, we will refer you to experts as needed for disability paperwork. We do not offer narcotic medications for the current opioid epidemic and best practices. If you require pain management, we will gladly recommend you to one. As a Family Medicine, they don’t prescribe long-acting benzodiazepine due to quality standards.

Our knowledgeable providers can offer health advice for travel anywhere in the world. The majority of vaccines are available on-site. Please visit well before your vacation to ensure that any required vaccines are fully effective.

When family medicine services are seen as recommendations, the services can put you in touch with a reputable professional who can help you obtain the help you need.